Who is Walnut Creek’s soap guy? And why does he call the soap "Hope"

My Walnut Creek Patch colleague, Ayako Mie, just published a lovely story on our site about the man you see selling soap at the corner of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and North Main Street. He talks about how he’s struggled in his life, and the next business he wants to open remodeling trailer homes for disabled people, like himself. Ayako did a nice job. She’s a smart and friendly visitor to the United States from Japan. She’s here on a Fulbright Scholarship, having just graduated from UC Berkeley, and she loves Walnut Creek.

6 thoughts on “Who is Walnut Creek’s soap guy? And why does he call the soap "Hope"

  1. Soccer mom, I know it's the soccer world cup and your mind must be in South Africa, but the soap guy sells “his” soap and not “he” soap


  2. The link worked for me…

    Great local piece! I drive through that intersection all the time, but rarely get a chance to walk around, and I have ALWAYS wondered WHY that man sits on the corner every day!


  3. Hi. That “Guy”, Bill, actually has a Great Product, Fine Oils and Goat's Milk Soap. If he put his soap in a fine 5 Star Hotel Room, you'd think you were living the high life, enjoying the fine aroma, and great Lather, and you'd never imagine it, or consider it, “Home Made.” He now has a Brand New web site:


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