Why is Walnut Creek’s Nordstrom being slighted this Twilight opportunity?

Attention Walnut Creek Twiheads: I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first. Some stars of the latest installment of the Twilight series,
Eclipse, won’t be coming to our Nordstrom as part of the film’s promotional tour.

But the good news: They will be appearing at the Nordstrom in another East Bay suburb: at Pleasanton’s Stoneridge Mall.

HollywoodNews.com is reporting that seven Nordstrom stores around the country are hosting cast members on June 25, 26, and 27 to celebrate the premiere of Eclipse.

I’m just wondering why Broadway Plaza’s Nordstrom won’t get this celebrity opportunity. We need some celebrity frenzy in Walnut Creek!

And maybe some bad news. Or good news. Don’t count on getting to share your hopes and dreams in soulful conversation with any of the big three: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner. Although details have not yet been confirmed, it looks like you’ll have to settle for Emmett Cullen actor, Kellan Lutz. Pattinson’s busy on another film shoot, and the schedule for the film’s “whirlwind” promotional tours may keep Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in New York and Europe.

HollywoodNews.com says “Stay tuned for updates!”

11 thoughts on “Why is Walnut Creek’s Nordstrom being slighted this Twilight opportunity?

  1. Dublin and Pleasanton are growing areas. Have you been there lately? They are building new schools to accommodate all the kids that are moving in. Walnut Creek is stagnant, at best. If they want to get in front of a lot of young people, Pleasanton and Dublin are the best choice. Not to mention the parking situation.


  2. 2:32 –

    Dream on.
    The folks at City Hall (especially the Council) drool at every opportunity to get near celebrities if they should happen to come to Walnut Creek.

    Having an event such as this only makes sense in an enclosed mall where the crowd can be easily controlled and parking is plentiful.

    Obviously experienced professionals are doing the event planning and didn't like the looks of Broadway Plaza compared to Stoneridge Mall.


  3. My guess it would have something to do with the security and ease of access (in and out) of the mall at Stoneridge. Plus, hello, have you seen our Nordstrom lately? What with all the remodeling etc it's enough to make a vampire paler than pale!


  4. Indoors, plenty of parking. Let the celebs go there. I don't need them in my way when I valet park my Jag. on my way to get some new threads.

    Dublin, Pleasanton, parking situation, lol….


  5. Anon 2:52: Geez – give it a break, please. Don't slam City Hall or the Council for no reason. This has NOTHING to do with our city leaders. Frankly, if these “stars” were coming to Walnut Creek, I would like to be there. We see live shows in San Francisco because someone we admire professionally is in it. We pay to go to concerts to see those performers we enjoy. What is wrong with making an effort to see someone more famous than us? At least if you are going to slam City Hall, make it relevant. And again, when you slam, have the courage to stand behind your accusations instead of shooting from the hip anonymously. Dave P.


  6. It boils down to the average age of Walnut Creek residents vs. the average age of Pleasanton, Danville, San Ramon, etc.

    Why would Twilight stars visit a city that is largely Rossmoor.


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