Parents fight to preserve comprehensive sex education and LGBT rights in their high schools

Parents of the Acalanes Union High School District have launched a petition to preserve comprehensive sex education, taught by Planned Parenthood, in two of their district’s high schools.  
As the petition reads, the district is one of the most highly regarded public school districts in California. It prepares its students “to be thriving, thoughtful and responsible members of a global community.”
The quality learning at its four schools includes strong sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education and support for the rights of its gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students.
Unfortunately, “the district’s commitment to excellent sexual health education has been under attack. A small group of parents, backed by organizations with outside interests, are challenging the long standing choice of parent groups at two of the district’s high schools to engage highly trained instructors from Planned Parenthood to provide comprehensive, scientifically & medically accurate, age-appropriate sexual health education to students.”
As I’ve written before, one of those organizations is the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal organization that has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It has specialized in combating efforts to protect gay rights and the rights of LGBT youth, especially in California public schools. 
This petition asks the district to continue their strong support for Planned Parenthood’s curriculum, which provides comprehensive, scientifically and medically accurate, age-appropriate sexual health education. 

2 thoughts on “Parents fight to preserve comprehensive sex education and LGBT rights in their high schools

  1. Is the protest about turning the curriculum over to an outside agency instead of having the school district control it. I'm sure the hate group you reference also supports fossil fuels. Let's face it, Planned Parenthood could be influenced by some other hate group funded by George Soros.


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