Meanwhile, a story with a happy ending: orphaned cat may find a home

This is the story of cat named Pamela, who had lived all her eight years with an older lady who died very suddenly…

Someone who lives in my neighborhood, who was helping with Pamela’s adoption posted the following on the community message board, Nextdoor Parkmead, on March 22:

Pamela needs a forever home Pamela is a very pretty, sweet, shy cat. … She had a very serene life with her person around her most of the time. Pamela was very devoted to her. But her human companion has died very suddenly.

There is chaos in her once ordered and quiet world. All the stability of her territory is being torn apart, her beloved companion has gone and she is alone. Her home is being disassembled and will shortly be gone as the rent runs out. She is very frightened and disoriented. She has lost her potty box training and sometimes hisses in fear whenever another human tries to approach her. Although she cannot understand what has happened, the other humans that care for her know she needs to find a new forever home with a single person or a retired couple who can provide her a safe, quiet place to live and the loving companionship and support she needs to return to good habits. Creating a new home for Pamela will take time, patience and especially lots of love to guide her back to a trusting and well behaved life. …. Wherever my sister is now, she is very worried about her beloved companion and wants her to find a safe and loving home. 

A number of neighbors posted their hope that Pamela would find a home, and their regrets they couldn’t take her themselves because they already have other pets.  At one point, another neighbor posted:

My heart breaks too! I keep watching the posts in hopes someone can take her. My two didn’t do well last time I tried to foster a couple of kittens and I work all the time do may not be the best environment for her. Fingers crossed!!

And then some hope about a week ago. A woman indicated that she was interested in learning more about Pamela. And the woman helping with the adoption announced Monday:

Pamela is in a new home on a two week trial. We hope it is her forever home. I’ll post when I know for sure.

So, we’ll know for sure in two weeks.


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