What’s up with white pride crime in suburbia?

News comes today that Pleasant Hill police are investigating two racially charged cases of school vandalism.

Claycord.com says that on Monday night a Mt. Diablo Unified security officer discovered that someone had damaged equipment and written racial slurs in one classroom at Gregory Gardens Elementary. Meanwhile, KTVU reports that Valley View Middle School was also a target of racist vandalism over the weekend. In the case at Valley View Middle School, according to the Mayor of Claycord, someone wrote graffiti proclaiming “White Pride,” “White Power Bitch,” “WP,” and “I love Tyler.”

These are just the latest incidents in what seems to be a disturbing trend in our community.

Martinez police are investigating the case of a teen, late last month, harassing an African-American family at the park near that town’s marina by shouting “White power!” and waving a Confederate flag in their direction.

The FBI was also investigating the discovery early last month of a “KKK-style cross” left in the driveway of a Moraga home. News reports say the home belongs to a white couple whose son was visiting over the weekend with his African-American wife. According to the blogger, the East Bay Daze, the 3-foot-tall object was a “fairly sophisticated rendering of the klan’s ‘flaming cross’–with this one wrapped in t-shirts and the KKK insignia.

So, what’s going on? As I wrote back after the discovery of the KKK-style cross in Moraga, I can’t help but wonder if these incidents are part of something very dark going on in our society, in the wake of the United States electing its first non-white president nearly a year ago.

I’m not alone in wondering—and worrying. Remember all the fuss about President Obama’s speech to school children last month? Well, around that time, KGO Radio host Brian Copeland, on his Sunday morning show, was expressing alarm at the hysteria surrounding the speech. 

He contended this hysteria represented a growing atmosphere of hate and racism in our society–sparked by some people’s resentment about a black man being in office.

Copeland noted the nastiness, anger, and resentment in rhetoric behind the birther movement, the town hall shout-downs, and people showing up at Obama appearances armed with guns. Copeland also said there had been an increase in the number of threats against the president’s life.

Is this something we should tolerate in our community? Absolutely not. Does anyone have any ideas about what we should do about it? Identifying and prosecuting the promoters of hate speech? Sure. And what about talking to our kids?

21 thoughts on “What’s up with white pride crime in suburbia?

  1. I get really worried when we start talking about “prosecuting the promoters of hate speech”. I firmly believe in freedom of speech and agree with the sentiment “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    How do we define hate speech? Is it hate speech if you disagree with Obama? What if you compare Bush to Hitler? How about the movie “Death of a President” which was about Bush being assassinated? Was that hate speech?

    Who defines what is hateful? Is it a constant, or does it change with the political wind?


  2. Anon 2:53 p.m.
    You raise a good point, as much as I despise some teen yelling White Pride at a park to harass and intimidate an African-American family. Yes, that is hate speech but should someone be prosecuted for it? Hmm. Any legal, First Amendment experts out there? Remember back when the KKK or neo-Nazis were allowed to march in Skokie, because they were allowed Free Speech? Could their speech have been harassing and intimidating to that town's largely Jewish population?


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  8. Hey, hey, hey,
    Anon 2:53 and I were attempting to engage in a very thoughtful dialogue about hate speech and the First Amendment, and some of the rest of you go off on poop talk.
    Maybe it's the storm…


  9. Hey Soccer Mom,

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilence. Why not just delete the crappy poop posts? It's your blog, after all. Then you can continue the discussion on what is obviously racist hate speech going on hereabouts.

    I don't know about prosecution for some of these incidents but scolding and shunning of the perpetrators seems a minimum punishment for some of them.


  10. Not deleting the crappy poop posts.

    Free speech right?

    And, when I get a chance to read them, after cleaning up my stupid rain-soaked basement, I might find them funny.

    Or maybe, rather than delete them, I should move them to their own special place!


  11. Thanks Soccer Mom … Sometimes we just need a little laugh and the best way is to talk about and smell farts and lite farts with a match


  12. Free speech is being able to say that when you elect a man of hate who has a wife who is a woman of hate and has a minister who is a man of hate: “GD the United States!! Then you are going to get hate.

    Nothing surprising here.


  13. Posts such as this seem to come right out of the PC playbook and are not up to the standard of usual posts here,you see hate from the right I from the left…who knows?


  14. SM,
    This string of comments bothers me. Can't you see the poop comments are making fun of a very serious topic (that you raise), and making light of you? And you fall right in. . . lapping it up.


  15. Dear Thud,

    The standard of the usual posts on this thread are scatalogical. My post (October 13, 2009 9:21 PM) was at a much higher level…


  16. well, having grown up white here, I can say that the most surprising racist crap would come out after a few beers… I would be horrified and defend people or tell the guy who perhaps thought he was impressing me that he was an idiot, so I guess I am not surprised…

    The so-called suicide of an AfAmerican guy in Lafayette should have been enough proof that people are still small minded and, at times, evil.


  17. Im a recent transplant to the bay area from SoCal, and with all the politically correct, bay area liberalism, I think this area has an extremely passive aggressive racism worse than anything I've ever experienced in my entire life.


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