Rain! Didn’t it sound wonderful this morning?

Just got back from a short run in the rain. I’m soaked! But it was some kind of wonderful.

It wasn’t too cold out, and the hurricane-force winds had not yet whipped up, as they are expected to do by mid-day.

It was dark as I set out for a trot around my neighborhood. It was hard to see the puddles and new patches of mud, and the new rivers that were rushing down through the gutters. I had to watch where I set down my feet, and I missed a few times, so my feet got soaked. I felt the drops on my face, hair, arms, and legs. The drops were gentle, constant, a murmur. A car would pass, and its headlights would illuminate what a true downpour I was running in.

But the air felt fresh and clean, and I’m wide awake, and calm with the beauty of this season’s first big rain. I almost didn’t make it out this morning. It was delightful to wake this morning and hear the ping of drops against our bedroom window, and that music of rain in the background.

Our window was open, letting in that fresh cool air, but my husband I were cozy under our quilt. Halfway between sleep and waking, that sweet drowsy place of dreams and promise.

But, now, reality. To the shower, to work, and, before I go, I must roll up some towels by the door of our basement, in case the rain, which is expected to be pretty constant and heavy today, causes some leaking into the room.

6 thoughts on “Rain! Didn’t it sound wonderful this morning?

  1. Good Morning! Yes, the rain is here. We are all sick and as much as I'd love to play with my daughter in the rain, at the moment, I'm telling her no.

    As I write this, she is looking out the window and listing all the things she needs to go outside.

    Hello Kitty Brella, Hello Kitty Boots, rain coat…so cute in her sweet toddler voice.

    Barely 7:30am, and she just had her first little meltdown of the day. Her request for a red popsicle was denied by her mean mommy! 🙂


  2. Good Morning All. I would have to agree with Soccer Mom, the rain did sound wonderful this morning. It was refreshing. And on the way to work, it seems as though everyone was driving safely and paying attention… at least on my route. I know some didnt have the same luck. But I hope your day gets better and enjoy! Be thankful its not an official hurricane!


  3. Had to go out in the pouring rain but won't complain. I'm just hoping that it's a wet winter to help us recover from the multi-year drought. Maybe we should all perform rain dances!


  4. HA! An hour plus commute for me (normally 25 mins)this morning as 680 was closed down to one lane due to foolish drivers.
    Oh well, watching the bluster out my window right now and wondering what the trip home will be like!


  5. Isn't that a wonderful movie, Singing in the Rain? And Gene, breaking out in dance in the scene is pretty joyous to behold. Even a snarky cynic like me finds her cold, cold heart melting at the site.


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