Get ready for the rain and wind. Big storm sweeping into the Bay Area

I’m excited. As much as I like this mild, sunny October weather, I also like storms. And we have one coming into the Bay Area. The National Weather Service says that heavy and potentially high winds are expected to accompany a significant rainstorm that will arrive late Monday and last into early Wednesday.

It is a “potent storm, especially for October. … A potentially serious weather situation … This will be a very dramatic change from the typical late summer patter this area has been experiencing.”

Expect light rain to begin Monday afternoon, with the heaviest rain and winds coming in Tuesday. Rainfall could reach up to 3 inches along the coast and in the valleys.

The upside to the rain? Well, we can use it in our parched wildlands and maybe it will lower the fire danger through the rest of the fire season.

The downside? Urban and small stream flooding … High winds that can knock down trees and power lines … Hazardous driving conditions … For those living near any areas burned in any summer fires, there is a risk of mud and debris flowing down hills.

The storm originates from Melor, a Western Pacific typhoon that hit Japan last week. I know, I know. This is meterology 101, but it is humbling, right now, to think that a weather event that on the other side of the world will soon affect us.

6 thoughts on “Get ready for the rain and wind. Big storm sweeping into the Bay Area

  1. Can't wait! Today we cleaned the gutters, put new windshield wipers on the cars, put away the patio furniture, covered the fountain and generally just battened down the hatches. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RAIN!!!


  2. Lawn chairs into the garage & gutters cleaned. Thought about washing the car to guarantee the rain would come. Wife wore her raindance sweatshirt on Mt. Diablo hike yesterday.

    Bring it on.


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