So far, minor power outages in Walnut Creek; Any problems where you live or work?

UPDATE CHEZ MOI: Water leaking into basement. Getting out the towels and have the pump going. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the water needs to be about 3/4 inch deep for the pump to suck up the water. I just have a pool in one corner, and it’s not that deep.

How about you?

EARLIER: PG&E’s power outage map is showing that up to 500 customers are without power around Oak Road and Waldon, and another pocket of customers are without power around Alamo’s Round Hill Country Club.

I should probably pop home to see if water is leaking into my basement. I can see outside my window at work that the rain is coming down pretty hard and that the wind has whipped up.

Hope you’re all staying as dry as possible, and not huddling inside with the power out.

5 thoughts on “So far, minor power outages in Walnut Creek; Any problems where you live or work?

  1. Tice Creek was running real high but I haven't heard of any flooding around Meadow Lane or Lancaster Road although there are a lot of backyards and outbuildings along the crick that could be affected.


  2. Earlier today, while at work in the city, I clicked on the PG&E outage map showing outages in my 94597 ZIP code, so I braced myself to find the street lights out or the condo lights when I came home — but everything seemed fine.

    There was one very brief service interruption late tonight, with my lamps going out, but only for a minute. All I had to do was reset some clocks and reboot my computer … and pledge to buy a new flashlight and batteries for the future!

    Good luck to Soccer Mom and others who may be dealing with getting their things back to normal!


  3. Jojo Potato, what is BerkRep going to do about your canceled show? Give you tickets for another performance of it down the road? (Makes me curious how long their power was out, and when…)

    I saw that show about a week ago. A bit limited in scope since the songs form the entire plotline but still worth seeing. Creative, high energy, and some fabulous voices (especially the guy who played St. Jimmy). Hope you get a chance to see it !


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