Las Lomas becomes site of Slow Food celebration today

Members of grassroots organizations are inviting the public attend what they call Slow Food “Eat-Ins” at 300 locations in 50 states. One of those will be held from noon to 3 p.m. today at Las Lomas High School, 1460 South Main Street.

The Eat-In is a potluck that, organizers say, brings people in a community together “to share a meal and show their support for a cause like getting real food into schools.” It is a National Day of Action, in which we call upon our legislators to provide America’s children with real food at school by strengthening and re-authorizing the Child Nutrition Act.

Among the honored guests will be state Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, who is running for state Superintendent of Schools and has, in his elected positions, promoted healthy life-styles, healthy food in schools, and school gardens.

Do you know what “slow food” is? I kinda sorta do. Something having to do with eating produce and other food that is grown locally. You know, if not actually growing your own tomatoes than buying them at your local farmers market from a farmer who grew them on their land in or near the Bay Area and just picked them that morning or the day before. It also means avoiding food that is heavily processed, or, if you go out, choosing venues that use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

If there are any Slow Food enthusiasts who want to correct me, please do. But here is what the organizers say about Slow Food and how they describe an Eat-In:

“Real food is good at every link in the chain. It tastes good, it’s good for us, it’s good for the people who grow it, it’s good for our country and it’s good for the planet.”

At this Las Lomas event, organized by Slow Food Delta, there will be activities for children, petitions to sign and expect lively discussions from our community members.

About the discussion around this Day of Action, organizers say: “This year, we have an opportunity to begin reclaiming our children’s future. We know that the childhood obesity and diabetes epidemics are spiraling out of control. We know our public schools struggle to serve children anything but the junk food and fast food that endangers their health. It’s time for parents, teachers and every responsible citizen to tell our nation’s leaders that change can’t wait.”

For more information visit the Time for Lunch web site:

9 thoughts on “Las Lomas becomes site of Slow Food celebration today

  1. I'm glad to see the growing Slow Food movement come to Walnut Creek. With the local produce here, it seems like it could be a good fit.

    It would've been interesting to know about this some time ago, to make plans to attend. Maybe I have to start reading the Contra Costa Times? Did they give it any PR?


  2. Hi there,
    Sorry I didn't get this up sooner. You're right it's late notice.

    I don't know if the Times or other publications gave it much notice, but it does seem like a big deal, and that Walnut Creek was hosting it…Pretty cool.

    When I get more techno savvy, I'll see about creating some kind of upcoming events listing. Or, I'll try and do something like that on Thursdays or Fridays…Which would work best?


  3. Soccer Mom,
    You're doing a good job here! I don't think you had much notice of this event, right? Not sure how many people emailed to tell you about it. Nice article. Now we know for next year! 🙂

    I found the listing on one of my foodie sites I read often. Many can be linked from food magazines or ag organizations I've blogged about.


  4. Anon 11:32am,

    Actually, I blog about lots of these events. One of my best kept secret resources for info is the website/newsletter.

    All you have to do is subscribe to their email newsletter or check their website often for udates. Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Markets are involved in a lot of community outreach programs.

    Here's the excerpt that spoke about the Slow Food Movement.


  5. I chuckle to hear this called the “Slow Food movement”. My grandmother would get a real chuckle out of it as well. What I read described here is how people used to eat before there were restaurants and fast-food places on every corner and all the moms went into the workplace.

    It's all good, but kind of funny that people see this as some sort of new idea.


  6. This was a great event. We would have loved more people and I'm sure we would have had more if we HAD more PR. We had some challenges getting the school on board and actually had to pay to use the space outside. As a result of these challenges, we were rushing to get the word out. Nonetheless, the event was posted on the Slow Food USA website under the Time for Lunch campaign. There is a special offer for the month of September. Anyone new to Slow Food can become a member for any level of contribution. Slow Food Delta Diablo would love to have more members. We have farmers, chefs, teachers and just plain folks in our little chapter. All are welcome!
    Gail Wadsworth
    Slow Food Delta Diablo

    Great blog!!


  7. Anon 3:53 I don't think it is viewed as a new idea, but rather as moving back to the old ways, which exactly is how you point out your parents and grandparents used to eat.

    Of course the name is new but I think of it as just a more fun name than calling it the anti-fast food movement.


  8. Hi, Soccer Mom — It's the 11:32 poster – Hope you didn't take offense from my post – None intended. Honestly, I should read the CoCoTimes as well as your blog and the other blogs. You all can't cover Everything in your spare time. (and the CoCoTimes people are Paid for their labors! 😉

    I checked out the Slow Food Web site after seeing your posting, and it looked interesting, but I didn't notice a spot to sign up for email alerts. I'll have to look again to see if they have one. And it sounds as though I'll have to add Anna's blog to my regular nightly reading as well !:)

    Glad to see so many active blogs in the Contra Costa community! They add so much to life out here.

    oh, p.s. Thursday would be a great time to see events listings go up, since you ask — so that folks can know about them in time to plan their weekend. Thanks for asking. I'm excited already to think about a possible events posting in the offing down the road sometime. Right now, I mainly scan craigslist, the free weekly papers and a discounted entertainment Web site for event leads. (Used to read the SF Chron's pink section every Sunday when I lived in the city, but I don't subscribe now that I live in WC.)

    p.s. my entertainment event tip for the month: “The Farm” in Hinkle Park in Berkeley. Done by Berkeley's Shotgun Players. Just saw it today. Great stuff. Next weekend is the last weekend. Just $10 donation at the “door.”


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