Saturday’s Bikini Car Wash (?) in Walnut Creek: Readers help put this now notorious local event into cultural perspective

I’m learning so much doing this blog, about matters of great social, political, and historical significance. And, you readers, are adding to this amazing exchange of ideas. I think we’re all becoming better, more engaged citizens, don’t you?

Perhaps most noteworthy is that you have helped me to understand the cultural underpinnings of Saturday’s car wash, reportedly a fundraiser for Northgate High cheerleaders, that involved teen girls in itsy-bitsy bikini tops and short shorts.

Community response to reports of this carwash (it was first reported by blogger Mister Writer, who witnessed it first hand) indicate that this car wash is one for the unofficial, Babylon history of Walnut Creek.

So, I guess that bikini car washes might be quite the thing among some high school cheerleading squads. Who knew? Well, I didn’t. One reader passes along this handy-dandy analysis of the infamous Cheerleader Bikini Carwash, which explains the seven things that you’ll find at every one, including Jailbait, the Married Guy in the Minivan, the Creepy Guy, and the Cheerleading Coach trying to relive her glory days. (And no, this above photo of Car Wash “Jailbait” is not from Saturday’s event.)
Sure this guide is in very questionable taste, but it’s very funny and on target–in its, of course, very tasteless way. This guide basically explains why these events are a pedophile’s fantasy come true and a nightmare “for normal dudes who don’t really need a car wash but can’t resist the allure” of teen girls in bikinis covered in suds.

And guess what? There is some quick, easy cash to be made as a Bikini Car Wash girl, right here in Walnut Creek. Another reader came across a Craigslist ad placed, no doubt, by some Creepy Guy. He’ls running a car wash on a Saturday, apparently in Walnut Creek in the near future, and will pay you $100 an hour, and you can stay for as long as you want. To apply, you just need to send this Creepy Guy a photo of yourself and your contact information.

Of course, in no way am I advocating that any local underaged girls apply. Besides, according to what was reported about Saturday’s event, local girls might have school programs willing to, er, use them as bait to bring in customers to their car wash fundraisers.

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Bikini Car Wash (?) in Walnut Creek: Readers help put this now notorious local event into cultural perspective

  1. who the fuck r u to talk about a team like that get ur facts straight before u post shit its a carwash wat else r they supposed to wear?


  2. Anon 4:15 eloquently raises a point I was thinking about as I rode bikes on the trail this weekend and swam in the pool. It's not the outfits I object to. You can see the same amount of skin on the trail or at the pool.

    It's the fact that these girls were using the outfits to drum up business. Effective? Absolutely, any marketer will admit that. But considering these were someone's daughters, at a school-related event, wearing bikinis at the intersection? Not the message I would want my daughters sending.


  3. Hello Anon 4:15 p.m. and Dan,
    You know, normally I don't let the old f-word on my site, but as Dan Simoes says, Anon 4:15 p.m. “eloquently” raises a point.

    Anon 4:15 p.m.: If you want to help me get my facts straight so I won't post any more s—, explain some more what those facts should be? Were the girls just trying to stay cool and comfortable on a hot afternoon? Are we being prudes and judgmental? Please explain more.


  4. I saw this driving by and I thought to myself (mother of 3, 2 of which are girls) I would not want my daughter wearing “that” out here!! I even made a comment to my hubby that the age at which I got the most “cat calls” was between 14 and 16. Those pervy guys love the young girls. I am glad to hear this will try and be adressed for now.


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