Broadway Plaza’s grand plans: Close Broadway Plaza Street. Fine with me

The Planning Commission will once again this Thursday evening look at Broadway Plaza’s major long-range expansion plans, which include adding up to 300,000 square feet of new retail space in varying configurations and200 housing units.

Another significant component of the project is the desire of Macerich, Broadway Plaza’s owner, to close Broadway Plaza street. Macerich wants to transform the street into a pedestrian promenade with public plazas and gathering areas, where Broadway Plaza could host concerts and other events, including a seasonal ice rink.

If Broadway Plaza closed the street, the city would lose most or all of the 63 metered on-street parking stalls. Now, the loss of any parking downtown is perhaps not the most welcome news. However, Macerich has big place to build new multi-level garages, including a sub-grade levels, behind Macy’s and Nordstrom to replace the outdated and almost always packed two-level garage that exists now.

Broadway Plaza is also considering added a third sub-grade garage in the middle of the shopping center.

At Thursday’s Planning Commission, city Planning Staff will give an update on the process of developing Broadway Plaza’s “Long-Range Master Plan.” City staff wants more definition and details on the plan in order to create a workable framework that adequately addresses expectations and General Plan direction for the site layout and connectivity with the surrounding downtown area.

So far, there is little opposition from city council members or planning commission members to the idea of closing Broadway Plaza street.

There shouldn’t be. As far as streets go in Walnut Creek or anywhere, it’s not very useful. I can’t think of the last time I drove down it, and I don’t see many people using it to get around Broadway Plaza or downtown.

5 thoughts on “Broadway Plaza’s grand plans: Close Broadway Plaza Street. Fine with me

  1. I agree with shutting down the broadway plaza street. More retail space though? They don't have everything leased as it is. Perhaps if everything is all renovated it may bring bigger name I suppose.


  2. This reminds me a lot of Bellevue Square, in Bellevue Washington. Their large mall is right next to a beautiful huge public park.

    I'm all for closing the streets!


  3. The one thing about that street is it allows the Free Trolley to drop off and pick up riders at several locations in the Plaza and get turned around to go back towards BART.

    If there's no through street, riders will only be able to catch the Trolley at one end of the plaza or the other.


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