"His life will forever be changed"

A 17-year-old Concord boy is in Juvenile Hall Sunday morning, after being arrested in connection with losing control of a Cadillac Escalade on Treat Boulevard, driving up onto a sidewalk and crashing into a family out bicycling. The crash killed a father and his 9-year-old daughter and injured another 12-year-old daughter.

The Contra Costa Times has identified the drive as David Rosen. Readers on Claycord have posted comments, claiming they know him or of him.  Maybe Rosen was basically a good kid, or maybe he had problems, was a spoiled jerk, they suggest.

Why was he speeding? Why did he lose control? Was he texting?

 The 2002 SUV he was driving ran up onto the north sidewalk of Treat Boulevard, near Oak Grove Road. It struck Solaiman Nuri, 41, and his younger daughter, Hadessa, as well as Nuri’s older daughter. The SUV then sheared off a fire hydrant and slammed into a building, according to Walnut Creek Patch.

Concord police are still investigating. After being treated for minor injuries, Rosen was booked into Juvenile Hall on suspicion of manslaughter.

A father and young daughter are dead, and their family is devastated. There really are no words to describe this sort of loss.

Then there is Rosen and his family. Some have no sympathy. They offer all sorts of condemnations for Rosen and his family and hopes for how Rosen should suffer the rest of his life.

He probably will. Some commenting on Claycord said it best:

“My heart breaks for everyone involved,” wrote “Aspen.” “So very many lives will forever be changed today. … I cannot begin to imagine what the 17 year old must be going thru right now. However it all turns out I pray peace and healing for all.”

“I actually started crying when I heard about two deaths and the driver was a 17 year-old-boy,” wrote “Mt. View mom.”  “It is possible that this was truly a kid who lost control of the car … because he is a kid and an unexperienced driver. His life will forever be changed. If he was under the influence or texting and driving then he will face his consequences. Attacking him or his parents will not change what has happened here. It is so sad for all family and friends of the deceased and this young boy.”

5 thoughts on “"His life will forever be changed"

  1. Since I don't have a teenage son, I find it very hard to gather even an ounce of sympathy for the man-child. I also find the headline and the emphasis of the article somewhat disheartening considering the deaths of two innocent lives from the same family. While on certain rational level I understand the urge to examine the reasons behind the crash and how the incident affect his life, my sympathy goes towards the Nuri family and feels nothing for Rosen.


  2. This is why I think the legal driving age should be 18 and not 16.

    I would imagine he was distracted on his cell phone. I'm sick to death of seeing people disregarding the cell phone law.

    All around sad!


  3. I just went back and read some leaked facebook chatter that his friends had going, and while I at first thought it was sad for the driver too, I have now changed my mind about this kid. He deserves to go to prison and be charged as an adult.

    Sounds like he was trouble for a long time.

    That poor family is in my prayers.


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