Girl fight nearly breaks out, cops almost called, at Thursday’s screening of Sex and the City 2 at the Century 14

UPDATE: I checked in with various people involved including the police (who really weren’t all that involved) and some people associated with Bing Crosby’s. I tried repeatedly to get someone with the theater to respond… “No comment,” an employee at the theater told me, and another referred to me to headquaters.

Anyway, you can read my update at the Walnut Creek news website, I edit, Walnut Creek Patch.  

The teen vampire and werewolf wannabes who will probably be crowding into the midnight show of the next Twilight movie (June 30, and I’ve got my tix) wouldn’t have anything on the groups of stiletto-heeled Carrie Brandshaw wannabes who didn’t behave very lady-like at Thursday evening’s screening of Sex and the City 2. 

A friend called me last night after returning home from the movie to say she could not believe what she saw after getting into the theater featuring the 7:15 p.m. show.  “This is crazy in suburbia!” she said.

Just to set up, my friend and some of her girlfriends decided to have a girl’s night out and see the show, just as they had made an event of the premiere of the first Sex and the City movie a few years ago.   My friend isn’t necessarily a huge fan of Sex and the City franchise, but she and her friends think it’s fun to participate in this cultural phenomenon.

Other women had the same idea of using the premiere night of Sex and the City 2 movie for a gals’ night out. My friend said the theater was packed with women, many in the 30s, 40s and 40s and decked out in cocktail dresses, Jimmy Choo-style high heels, lots of make-up, and piles of bling.

These women also came equipped with Cosmopolitans, some pouring this pink confections from containers into martini glasses, right there in the Century Downtown Walnut Creek 14 lobby and halls. Hmm, I thought the theater frowned on letting people bring in their own drinks, especially those of the alcoholic variety. Well, if there is a rule about that, the theater apparently waived it.

Everything was festive and sisterly among the crowd as they waited outside the doors of the second-level theater to  take their seats. No husbands or boyfriends. Any men there, my friend, figured were probably gay.

When the staff finally opened the doors, the women rushed in to grab the best seats.  It was going to be a packed house.

And that’s when my friend and others saw a surprising scene: a prime block of perhaps 50 center seats roped off with red gauze.

I’ve never heard of Century 14 letting people reserve seats like this. Neither had my friend. And, apparently, neither had a group of women who were miffed enough about apparent special treatment that they tore through the red gauze and sat their perfumed selves in the middle of those blocked off seats.

What makes this story a little more interesting is that those seats, according to a sign posted next them, had been set aside  for a party coming from Bing Crosby’s.

When the Bing Crosby’s women arrived and saw others sitting in what they believed had been their special seats, words were exchanged. Pretty heated words. Shouting, arguing.  The yelling continued as the previews began.

Someone must have called for the manager, because the previews were shut down, and a Century employee came into the theater to break up the fight, which my friend thought could turn into some bitch slaps and hair pulling.

The manager approach the squatters in the Bing Crosby’s reserved seats and told them that if they didn’t leave, he would call the police.

Reluctantly and angrily these women complied, relenting to the claims of the Bing Crosby’s folks.

Everyone settled in finally… My friend, though still keyed up about what she saw, was able to relax and enjoy the movie.  She added that she is aware that critics had slammed it, but she figures that if men can have their Ironmans and Judd Apatows action and juvenile male comedy blockbusters, women can have their Carrie Bradshaws and Meryl Streep romantic comedy blockbusters.

35 thoughts on “Girl fight nearly breaks out, cops almost called, at Thursday’s screening of Sex and the City 2 at the Century 14

  1. I agree with the “squatters”. I would have been furious to find a huge block of prime seats roped off.

    The answer for me would be to stop patronizing Century 14.


  2. I was there and Walnut Creek PD was in the house. This was not the patrons fault but the theatres for not giving a heads up to the ticket buying public. I think these women have been watching “REAL HOUSEWIVES” and “JERSEY SHORES.” Just because they get away with deplorable behavior on TV doesn't mean that is acceptable behavior in WC. Have to say though it was entertaining in a sad, sick sort of way.


  3. To avoid misunderstandings, ushers should have been staking out the Reserved Seats, and the 50 reserved seats should not have been dead center.


  4. I also agree with the squatters. The expectation when one buys a movie ticket is first come, first choice. If they were not told in advance, they should have remained in the seat. When approached they could shown their ticket and ask what they were doing wrong. Answer, absolutely nothing!

    If this were me I would have gone bonkers on them.


  5. This whole scenario is rather amusing and yet very sad. It just shows how low we have sunk when fighting over seats in a movie theater is done by supposed “adult” women dressed to the nines.

    Girls night out sounds like fun but obviously these girls (all of them) were not ladies.

    Management at the theater is partially to blame for this episode of bad behavior but the “girls” must take some responsibility also.

    What a stupid waste of already stretched police time.

    And to think that these very same women are raising the future generation……scary. No wonder kids today have the sense of entitlement to everything.

    Olde Pharte


  6. “No wonder kids today have the sense of entitlement to everything.”

    You mean management's sense of entitlement in treating their customers like crap? Hmm, sounds like you have things backwards.


  7. Yes, amused and sad. This is truly the seamy side of WC. I'm almost incensed enough to call the management and check out their policy regarding “reserved seats”. Absolutely when one goes to the movies it is first come, first served. I am not attracted to the SATC series or movies, but I can see how it could be a fun evening…if people behaved decently, (including the management).


  8. Did the Bing Crosby's group pay extra or just called in advance?

    We are coming to the place in our society where money really rules.

    Got extra money? Get in a fast lane on the freeway or reserve seats in a theater that supposedly has a first come first serve policy.

    Let's face it people. Money does a lot of talking.


  9. I STRONGLY agree with the “squatters” as well. I will take my business elsewhere for now own. The “Bing Crosby bitches” can then have the whole theater to their snobby asses!


  10. Why do you complain here. Last I checked Century 14 is a private enterprise and they should have the right to assign their seating the way they want it, as long as they are not in violation of anybody's civil rights.

    What are you going to complain next? That United doesn't let me sit in one of these nice first class seats on an airplane if I only have an economy ticket?

    And the cry for first come first get… I am sure you are never reserving seats for any member of your party who is going to come later?


  11. “they should have the right to assign their seating the way they want it, as long as they are not in violation of anybody's civil rights.”

    That movie theater does not reserve seats, so when you buy a ticket, there is a social contract that the first people in get first choice.

    “What are you going to complain next? That United doesn't let me sit in one of these nice first class seats on an airplane if I only have an economy ticket?”

    Airplane seats ARE reserved. Completely different situation. Imagine this were the 50's what you'd have told Rosa Parks and the people sitting at the Woolworth's counter.

    “I am sure you are never reserving seats for any member of your party who is going to come later?”

    There was nobody there. You're really grasping at straws here. Keep digging buddy.


  12. I agree with Dave. I enjoy the comments and interchanges at this site. Hope you'll continue with Crazy…


  13. No one mentioned the very kind B-day girl that paid for all her friends to join her at Bing's for dinner and then limo to the SATC movie. The seats were blocked off for her and her friends by some guy who was first in the movie waiting line at least an hour or 2 before the movie started. When the fight got going, the B-day girl apologized to the entire theater audience and asked for everyone to be patient while they work out a solution. She explained that her B-day wish was to sit with her gal pals during this flick. She eventually got her wish but only after the management had to throw the squatters out. My opinion, the “ladies” that refused to move, should be embarrassed and acted rudely.


  14. Anonymous May 29; Thatnks for posting and offering an account from one who was in the Bing Crosby's party. I called the theater and head quarters to find out if the theater had reserved the seats for the party.

    THey wouldn't respond. I was just by someone at Bing Crosby's that the SAC2 outing was part of some promotion. Maybe that's not correct?


  15. “The seats were blocked off for her and her friends by some guy who was first in the movie waiting line at least an hour or 2 before the movie started.”

    So he was paid to get those 50 seats? Gee, did he work for Bing's by any chance? That is unacceptable, and is actually the fault of theater management not the b-day girl. Management should have told her to reserve the whole theater if she wanted to reserve 50 seats.


  16. Wow, another reason to avoid Walnut Creek. If the B-day girl wanted to sit with all her friends, then as a group they should have all waited in line and been the first into the theater. Shame on the theater for allowing and condoning this type of snobbish behavior at a movie, roping off a large group of seats???? It is not like an airplane where you pay much more for business or first class.

    This whole thing is very pathetic.


  17. I called the theater and they confirmed that they do do reservations for large groups. This is so wrong. Boycott Century theaters! #centuryfail


  18. grow up guys … or I guess in this case gals.

    “It's not like an airplane where you pay much more for first and business class”

    You don't know what you are talking about. I have been a 1K member at United for many years and have gotten upgrades on fares probably significantly lower than some fellow travelers stuck on a middle seat in coach.

    It is the business model for most airlines to reward their premium travellers with better seats, because they figure that it makes economic sense to them. In the same way movie theaters might figure it makes economic sense to them to reserve premier seating to a group of customers who are willing take 50 seats in a single transaction.

    And please don't call it a social contract. There is implication that you get the seat of your choosing once you buy a ticket at the movies.

    And please do not compare this Rosa Parks or the Woolworth's lunch counter. This is not a civil rights question and to bring up Rosa Parks as Anon 7:32 and compare this situation to the civil rights struggle is an insult to the cause of civil rights.


  19. “There is implication that you get the seat of your choosing once you buy a ticket at the movies.”

    What is that supposed to mean? There is an understanding when buying a movie ticket of first come-first serve. To violate that understanding without warning in such a massive manner shows a complete lack of business sense that could hurt them later on through word of mouth. Which is exactly what is happening here.

    The theater improved their bottom line in the short term while tarnishing their image in the long term.


  20. Isn't it rather pathetic that in these troubled times, the major topic of discussion the past few days has been whether or not a private business has the right to allow someone to reserve seats in a local movie theater?

    I used to have hope for the current generation of people age 20-50 but now after reading about Thursday night's scuffle and the subsequent remarks by readers pro and con, I wonder.

    Does anyone care about the city being broke? Does anyone care about the oil spill in the gulf? Does anyone care about the wars in the Middle East? Does anyone care about murder and mayhem in their own backyards?

    Yes it is nice to have something really stupid and fluffy to debate about. But, at the end of the day what does this whole thing really say about how our society is evolving?


  21. Anon 4:46,

    I would have hope for the current generation, but after reading your comment, I wonder.

    If you feel there are such pressing topics elsewhere, then why are you wasting your time reading this “stupid” blog and these “fluffy” comments?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  22. Anon 4:46,

    Right now I'm reading a history of the Third Reich, following the news of the gulf oil spill, and wondering what in the world we are going to do without oil.

    It's a pretty grim stuff, so I read blogs like this for diversion.

    If you are ablet o wallow in grim news 24/7 then my hat if off to you.


  23. Anon 7:36 pm

    I do not think that this blog is “stupid” nor did I say that.

    As a natter of fact most of the posters on this and other local blogs are intelligent people who have found a place to have a reasonable discussion about important topics. I do not find this to be “a waste of time” but rather find it to be quite enlightening and often amusing.

    I was merely commenting on the fact that so much time, energy and passion had been spent on such a non-subject as squatters vs non-squatters battling in a most unladylike fashion at a movie.



  24. Oh, for Gosh sakes, it's fun. Pure and simple, it's a bit of gossip and nothing more. Don't get your shorts all up in a wad. We don't even need to know who the women are, it's just entertainment. I sent the link to my women friends, just for a good laugh. We go out for Lady's night and, ” there but the grace of God, go I”, or we, as the case may be. No one did anything horrible. This was an innocent mistake, and I hope the birthday girl keeps her sense of humor about the whole thing. You have a great story to tell for years to come. I hope it was a big one, like your 40th, or 50th. For those who sat there despite the tape, I might have done the same thing in a defiant moment out with my friends and a Cosmo in hand and thought better about it the next day, and so too the B-day girl. No one is more right than the other in this story. Don't anyone beat themselves up over this, and keep enjoying those nights out. Had you all met under different circumstances, you could have easily had a night on the town together. And I would have enjoyed joining you.
    your sister,
    Dakota Soul


  25. Allow me to add something. I have just read that there were some who were actually rude. Using those words that we try to teach our children not to use. That changes things. I don't think one group was right and one was wrong, but the individual, or individuals, on either side who called sisters those nasty names, …well….I think you know what you need to do…I'll get the soap…wash mine while you're at it please…

    Dakota Soul


  26. And this is why I love women. We guys do some seriously stupid stuff, no doubt about it, but really, when liquored up women travel in a pack like this there's no telling what can happen. Bless you all it's alpha girls like this that gave me something to pursue through my single years. I salute you because you know how to get fired up over some seriously meaningless s**t. Just like guys and little league.


  27. As a recent transplant from San Francisco I find this entire story **thoroughly amusing** … Excitement in suburbia and so many serious opinions about the excitement! Who knew?


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