What’s with the rain? Are we back to January?

I’ve been curled up in bed today, under an afghan, with tea, cold medicine and, yes, my laptop. 

Right now, it’s pouring outside like it’s one of those fierce stormy January days. And, I feel like it’s winter, with my stuffy nose, foggy brain, and the sound of rain dripping out my rain gutters. 
I was supposed to go on a hike today, but canceled because of my cold. We probably would have canceled because of this rain, which started in around 7:30 a.m. 
I always like the rain. So, I’m not complaining. I’m just surprised. For my own selfish purposes, it’s probably good that it’s cool, wet, winter-like day like this, when I’m nursing a cold, instead of a sunny day in the 80s. 
The National Weather Service says that showers will probably continue into the night, but that more May-like sunny skies and temperatures should return tomorrow and last into the weekend. 
The photo was shot a year ago February during a walk in the rain with my son. I’ve decided to be bed-bound today. 

15 thoughts on “What’s with the rain? Are we back to January?

  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly SM and hope that you are back up on your feet soon.

    Staying curled up in bed with a laptop or a good book on a day like this is the way to go, even if you don't have a cold.

    The positive side of this weather is that we don't need to water the garden for a couple of days!


  2. SM, Hope bad weather and the stuffy nose subside soon!

    Farmers are not liking this rain either. I'm Wishing for some sunshine soon.

    My garden/urban farm is one month delayed from last year. Last year's corn was 1-foot tall this same date last year. This year, I can hardly get seedlings growing.


  3. My dreams of an early Californian summer are taking a hammering….seven weeks till I arrive for it to sort itself out….get a move on!


  4. The one thing, Thud, with all this rain, is that on those bright sunny days it is absolutely spectacular out. Everything is blooming bigger than most years, and everything feels green and rich. Of course, the more things are blooming the more people with allergies are suffering. I don't get allergies usually but even I can be susceptible and I suspect that this things I have might have been some kind of allergic reaction that has turned into an annoying infection.


  5. Actually, it sort of makes sense that rainfall in the north Pacific would increase if water temp increases, as in an El Nino year. That involves higher-temp water as well.


  6. 4:18

    Do you really believe that cold rain in the north Pacific in May is due to warm water?

    Rather illogical, mebbe?


  7. 6:12,

    Only illogical if you don't know about the circulation patterns of oceans. Check out the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic, for example. That controls the weather for Europe. Even though it comes toEurope via the north Atlantic, it started i the equatorial Atlantic and passed by the eastern US on the way.




  8. I love the rain. I enjoy being out in it, and I love not being in a drought! Water is so essential to our survival, I appreciate having as much of it as possible.


  9. Dear 4:18,

    I remain skeptical. If the pat answer to all weather conditions is “global warming” then something is out of kilter.

    Too much rain – global warming.

    Too little rain – global warming.

    Hot summer – global warming.

    Cold summer – global warming.

    El Nino – global warming.

    Cold rain in WC – global warming.

    Drought in WC – global warming.

    Record snowfall in the east coast and midwest this past winter – global warming.

    These are all statements that the “warmers” have used repeatedly, but obviously not all at once because it would be silly and it is.

    Is the earth warming up? Yes, it's called “summer.”

    It's beautiful day, enjoy.



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