Any of you Iron Horse trail users missing a valuable piece of jewelry? The police have it.

Walnut Creek police say they are in possession of a bracelet that was found Sunday on the Iron Horse Trail, near Civic Park. It was turned in by someone who could tell it must be important to whoever lost it. 

Police don’t want to release too many details about the jewelry (and this photo is not the one found). But, if you were walking, jogging or cycling along the Iron Horse Trail, and a bracelet dropped off your wrist and you’ve been frantically looking for it ever since, contact the Walnut Creek police at 925-943-5844.

A big pat on the back to the person who turned it in. I’ve had pendants drop off chains, and earrings go missing. I’ve never owned anything super pricey, but these items all had sentimental value. I never got those back. 

But I was fortunate to have other lost items returned to me. For example, I lost my wallet in San Francisco a couple years ago. I didn’t notice it missing until after I returned to Walnut Creek from going into the city for a meeting and stopping for a quick lunch at the Whole Foods near Van Ness Avenue. I went through all the trouble of replacing my driver’s license, insurance cards, and canceled credit cards. 

A few months later, I received a call from Whole Foods. Someone had turned in my wallet at some point. When I retrieved the wallet, everything was in there, including ID, credit cards, and the ten or so dollars in cash.  I couldn’t believe it–to lose a wallet in San Francisco and get it back.  It was one of those moments that renewed my faith in humanity.  And today, I hear about another one of those moments–someone turning in this lost bracelet. 

I hope that the owner of that lost bracelet gets word that the police have it. 

3 thoughts on “Any of you Iron Horse trail users missing a valuable piece of jewelry? The police have it.

  1. My wife was mugged in Sunvally Mall a few years ago and robbed of her purse. The guards would not even call the police for her.

    Fortunately, an employee of Yellow Cabs in Walnut Creek spotted her purse and the non-credit card items including her wallet on an on-ramp to Hwy 24 in Lafayette the next day.

    The cab driver hero would not accept recognition but we left some goodies at the Yellow Cab business location.

    I sure hope the victim gets word that WCPD has the valued jewelry. Thanks a bunch to the good citizen that turned in the item. You will sleep well many times for doing the right thing.


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