Special joint Walnut Creek city and school district board meeting

The Walnut Creek School District Governing Board and the Walnut Creek City Council will meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday in a special meeting to discuss current partnerships and other areas of mutual interest.

Superintendent Patricia Wool says these mutual interests include facilities and playing fields that can be used for city and school district purposes. I’m guessing that the city council and trustees will be looking for ways to pool resources in these challenging budget times.

No decisions will be made at the meeting, which takes place at the Walnut Creek School District offices, 960 Ygnacio Valley Road. 

2 thoughts on “Special joint Walnut Creek city and school district board meeting

  1. Will this meeting provide an opportunity for residents to bring up issues/concerns? Guess I will have to call the school district to find out.

    If anyone cares my primary concern is that School District is not shy about stating the municipal code does not apply to them. Unfortunately the District also refuses to implement and state for the record a policy of voluntarily compliance.

    Why this is important is that through the use of fields, organizations like the Walnut Creek Soccer Club for example enter a gray area where they somehow take on the School district's sovereignty from the municipal code. On more than one occasion I have voiced my specific concerns regarding situations that would get Joe Citizen cited under the municipal code to the School Principal…I was told “too bad next time don't buy a house near a school”. When the same concerns were raised to the Recreation/Zoning Depts and the City Manager's office, I was told the city has no jurisdiction where school property is concerned.

    Too bad that in all the calls for community help and pleas for donations and bond measures the district pulls up short on being responsible neighbor.


  2. Why give money to one school district and not the others in Walnut Creek. Save that money for city services that benefit all residents like police and filling pot holes.


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