Which Neiman Marcus construction look do you like best?

I wonder if lawsuits, petition drives, and a ballot initiative willl accompany this latest decision the city must make regarding the construction of a 92,000-square-foot Neiman Marcus in Broadway Plaza.

Macerich, the owner of Broadway Plaza, is asking the Design Review Commission to check out proposals for graphics that will go on the barricade that will surround the construction site for the new luxury department store. Macerich hopes that Neiman Marcus will be ready to open by the spring of 2012.

The barricade is necessary for safety reasons. It will consist of chain link fencing with a green mesh cover, and it will run along Mt. Diablo Boulevard, South Main Street, and the pedestrian corridor inside Broadway Plaza. During the course of the construction, the barricade will have to be moved many times, so Macerich is asking for a more temporary barricade–such as the fencing, rather than a plywood barricade.

Here are the three options. The options vary according to the number of panels containing graphics. The Design Review Commission will be considering the barricade plan and the three options at its meeting Wednesday evening.

15 thoughts on “Which Neiman Marcus construction look do you like best?

  1. Is the City really wasting time with this? You'd think they'd have a standard for mundane, temporary, and required construction features like this. IMO, anything other than bare plywood is A-OK.


  2. I'm sure whatever way they choose to go will be the way that gets them the biggest bribe….errr….I mean fees.


  3. I'm not really concerned about the look / appearance – as long as pedestrians have a safe place to walk and traffic disturbances don't cause accidents, I'm good with whatever


  4. 10:04,

    Over 71% of voters on Measure I in November 2009 said they are OK with this project.

    So, the voters decided the issue by a massive majority and you don't approve. Should you have control anyway? What kind of government would that constitute?


  5. It will be interesting to see the reaction of residents when they see the size and scope of this structure. It might be under 71% approval as this thing takes shape. And when all is said and done…. what have we really gained?


  6. What a bunch of morons. It's not the building that is being asked in this thread – it's the barricade construction.

    Are you really informed voters?


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