My new pink purse: Think I’m ready for Walnut Creek prime time?

I’m putting my son on an airplane tomorrow morning, and he’ll be off to off to visit his aunt in San Diego for the week, which leaves me with an entire Saturday with time on my hands.  
Maybe I’ll take out my new pink purse and go get a manicure and pedicure. Believe me, it’s time!  I do need to get my legs and eyebrows waxed, but damn, with hubbie laid off, that bit of feminine maintenance might have to wait until the U.S. economy recovers. Sorry everyone. 
Of course, I could take my new pink purse to a movie matinee. That shocking pink could light up the theater! 

Then, I might do some window shopping around those boutiques that I never go into. But with a new pink purse, I might be ready for such a bold fashion move! In the evening, my husband and I, mindful of our budget, of course, could find see if any of our downtown restaurants has Saturday Happy Hour. And, yes, my new pink purse will go along. According to Diablo magazine’s February guide to East Bay bars, Vic Stewart’s has Tuesday–Sunday drink specials from 4:30 to 7 p.m. which include martinis, well drinks, and house wines for $5 a pop. 

Or, if we’re not in the mood for alcohol, we’ll just hit Caspers. I think my pink purse will fit in just fine. 

If it matters, I didn’t buy the purse for myself.  You may have guessed that I’m not a pink purse kind of gal. It was sent to me, by some company that hopes I will write about it in a positive way. Well, here I am writing about it. Actually, I think it might officially be a diaper bag, because it was sent by a company that is promoting baby products.  

So, I don’t see myself as a pink purse kind of gal, but it may be time to expand my horizons. It might be time to start hauling around all my stuff–wallet, pens, notebooks, camera, phone, bad magazines, Excedrin, lipstick–in this big pink purse. As you can see, Britney Spears apparently has a pink thing when it comes to her handbags.  

3 thoughts on “My new pink purse: Think I’m ready for Walnut Creek prime time?

  1. Well, I didn't see you mention brand name. Unless we are waiting in suspense and you will surprise us later on perhaps?

    Maybe when my teenager (I mean toddler) turns four, she'll like one. Right now, were in the Disney phase. Toy Story, Princess and the Frog, Mickey, Minnie, Little Mermaid totes for lugging all our stuff.

    Pink is pretty.


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