Update on road work and expected lane closures around Ygnacio Valley Road and John Muir Medical Center

Before John Muir can open its new, expanded five-story hospital tower at its campus off Ygnacio Valley Road, the hospital facility needs to finish street improvements on Ygnacio Valley and La Casa Via that will “allow more efficient traffic flow,” says a press release.

The road work is expected to begin Thursday and to finish in November. According to Ben Drew, director of corporate communications for John Muir Health, the road work includes the following:

–Widening Ygnacio Valley Road for both a new right turn lane from eastbound Ygnacio Valley Road onto La Casa Via and a second left turn lane from westbound Ygnacio Valley Road onto La Casa Via.

–Widening La Casa Via for a new dedicated right turn lane from La Casa Via onto eastbound Ygnacio Valley Road.

–Repaving eastbound Ygnacio Valley Road from 250 feet west of La Casa Via to John Muir Drive.

–Repaving the intersection at Ygnacio Valley Road, Kinross Drive, and La Casa Via.

–Repaving La Casa Via from Ygnacio Valley Road to Montego.

–Traffic signal improvements at the intersections of Ygnacio Valley Road and John Muir Drive and Ygnacio Valley Road and La Casa Via.

–Relocation and reconstruction of the Ygnacio Valley Road median between La Casa Via and John Muir Drive.

Before I go on, I should mention that a a specially designated webpage on the John Muir website, listing roadwork updates, says that AT&T was supposed to begin work underground on their utilities last week. This work  would require one lane of Ygnacio Valley Road to be closed. The lane closure would take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

And, why is all this road work taking place?

Says the release from John Muir: the campus is completing its five-story, 380,000-square-foot Tom and Billie Long Patient Care Tower, which will double the size of the John Muir-Walnut Creek campus.

“The building has been designed to promote a healing environment for patients with rooms specifically designed to maximize space for technology, staff and family members,” the release says.

“In addition to 242 new patient beds, of which 230 will be in private patient rooms, there will also be a new lobby and a separate public elevator and corridor system to ensure patient privacy. Other highlights include three new inpatient surgical suites, a high-speed trauma elevator that will carry patients directly from the helipad on the roof of the tower to the emergency room, 24 new, larger, private critical care rooms and 13 new intensive care neonatal beds.”

11 thoughts on “Update on road work and expected lane closures around Ygnacio Valley Road and John Muir Medical Center

  1. Driving on YVR from Clayton to 680 is bad enough when there is no roadwork going on. Work until November – what a nightmare. Guess I will need to plan to leave for work in WC 30 minutes earlier!


  2. Anon 11:19 – That's exactly why lane closures will only occur between 9 am and 3 pm M-F like the press release says. Take a deep breath . . .

    Anon 12:19 – Bicyclists shouldn't be on Ygnacio Valley Rd. in the first place – they're allowed to be on the YVR sidewalk. I would imagine all intersections will continue to function with traffic signaling allowing for safe pedestrian and bicycle crossings. When crossing, look over your left shoulder like you should be doing at EVERY intersection OR stick to the canal trails . . . and take a deep breath . . .


  3. Anon 12:52. Don't need to take a deep breath, need to plan when to leave home to get to work on time. Obviously, you think that I am part of the early morning horror commute on YVR. Actually, I start work at 11:00 in WC, and the commute will become more miserable than it already is when this new roadwork begins.


  4. Anon 12:52pm 3/30- Are you a spokesperson for the project?

    I have to go for a doctor's appt on La Casa Via on Friday, and I don't relish the thought of how bad the roads are going to be.

    It is going to be a nightmare, and nothing you say makes that any easier to breathe.


  5. Anon 12:52 “Bicyclists shouldn't be on Ygnacio Valley Rd. in the first place – they're allowed to be on the YVR sidewalk.”

    Bicyclists are legally entitled to be on YVR so why do you think they shouldn't be on YVR?


  6. Anon 8:26 – “legally entitled” and common sense are two different things.

    Do yourself a favor & use the facility (designated bikeway) lest you end up under a bumper.


  7. YYZ said:

    “Do yourself a favor & use the facility (designated bikeway) lest you end up under a bumper.”

    The fear is strong in you and common sense isn't so common anymore.

    If you're a cyclist and you're concerned about being safe you'll ditch the bikeways and ride where you should be riding.

    In the road.

    Bikes are traffic…

    I've been riding the road, including YVR, for a long time. It just takes some common sense.


  8. from my experience, riding a bike in the road is safer, even on busy and fast streets like YV than on the sidewalk, especially when there is a right hand turn lane.
    drivers tend not to pay attention to the sidewalk and might not see you trying to cross. if you are in the street, they are more likely to notice you.


  9. Anon 10:52

    You are WRONG. Cyclists are permitted to use the sidewalk along a section of YVR near JMMC.

    Go ahead and use the YVR roadway – I won't even use my brakes when I run over you, your head, and your bike.

    No remorse.


  10. YYZ-

    Your comments are juvenile, yet especially brave considering that you are hiding behind your keyboard.

    Where did anon 10:52 state that bikes aren't permitted on the sidewalk there ?

    All I see is his/her pointing out that it is legal to ride on YVR, despite oher folks suggesting that bikes shouldn't be on YVR.


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