East Bay Tea Party’ers protest Garamendi’s support of health care reform bill outside his Walnut Creek office

With a historic health care reform vote expected in the House Sunday, a small East Bay group associated with the Tea Party protested on Thursday afternoon outside the North Broadway office of U.S. Rep. John Garamendi, who represents California’s 10th congressional district. It was the second afternoon in a row the group was out in front of the Atrium building on Broadway.  
Garamendi, a Democrat, is a strong supporter of the legislation and is expected to vote yes. Rep Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton), whose office the protesters planned to rally in front of Friday, is said to be leaning yes but wants to analyze the bill before he makes a final decision. Democratic Reps. George Miller, Barbara Lee ,and Pete Stark also say they will vote yes on the heavily debated compromise bill.
“At the end of the day, this debate boils down to two questions,” Garamendi says on his website. “Do we stand with the millions of people without coverage and millions more one pink slip away from health care ruin? Or do we stand with the entrenched interests who will do all they can to stop reform to maximize their profits at the expense of patients? I believe every American deserves access to affordable health care coverage, and I will do all I can to make that happen.”
But Heather G., an Alamo mom and realtor who has been helping to organize Tea Party protests at various East Bay locations over the past several months, says health care reform would be disastrous for the economy, and amounts to those in power hijacking control of our country from the will of the people. “Our main concerns as Tea Partyers is the amount of spending and what that will do to the country,” she said.
Republicans have attacked the $940 billion legislation as a government takeover of the health care industry financed by tax increases and higher Medicare cuts.

But Heather G. said that this particular protest wasn’t just about health care reform but about the entire direction the country is headed in. She said a lot of people are fed up and angry.

“I don’t know what will happen is the bill passes,” she said. “It’s going to get really, really ugly.”
She emphasized that her group is made of people of both major political parties and that their protests are always peaceful. “We don’t advocate violence.”
Besides objecting to the direction the country is going in, under President Obama and the Democratic leadership, the protesters also sniffed at the idea that Garamendi doesn’t even live in the 10th congressional district that he represents and is barely seen here. 
The Congressional Budget Office released a report Thursday saying that House changes to this legislation will shave $138 billion from the federal deficit over the next decade and save as much $1.2 trillion over the following decade.

38 thoughts on “East Bay Tea Party’ers protest Garamendi’s support of health care reform bill outside his Walnut Creek office

  1. Actually, the majority of the people are in support of Health Care Reform.

    Repug Tea Party Protests are an illustration of intelluctial deficiency, and discursive thought.

    Alamo residents are no example of intellectual excellence.


  2. The arrogance of liberals never ceases to amaze me.

    Liberals usually attack the intelligence of anyone who doesn't want to fall in line with the liberal program.

    Anon 9:20…how about sticking to facts?


  3. they won't post the facts. Fox Scnhooze doesn't post the facts.

    This is a bunch of Alamo drop out losers who think they are millionaires.

    And are the largest group of forclosured drop-out in the East Bay.


  4. 9:26

    Arrogance is code for 'uppity'. Which is Alamo code for , you know what.

    Alamo, the most fore-closed community of racists in California. Big F-ing Trucks and all. What a pathetic loser town of wannabe's.


  5. How about facts, 16% of our GDP on healthcare, which is far above other countries, and we rank 37Th in the world for life expectancy. Warren Buffett even says this puts us at a disadvantage. Yet people falsely say no socialized services. What is your fire department, the cops who protect you, your K-12 education, all socialized. Does any senior want their medicare taken away, NO. All government run.
    Most people with knowledge not emotions know the system is broken. If you can so facts please respond.

    Are there any good facts that decisions made in the name of profit by HMOs make sense.


  6. Wow, my parents live in Alamo. It's amazing how people can such hateful, bigoted things over politics as anonymous posters on a blog. Rowr, internet muscles! Sad.


  7. Garamendi has been all over the district with open town meetings and appearances with large and small groups. He has covered the territory far more than I had ever seen the prior Representative.

    As for him voting for the health care bill, that is what he was elected to do. It was a major issue in the campaign with his opponent being opposed to it.

    So Garamendi is doing what he was voted in to do.

    As for him being about 500 yards outside of the current district line that was also debated in the election and the people decided that it was not such a big deal as it was legal within the Constitution. Unlike local city lines, the Congressional district lines will change in about 12 months anyway. The constant redrawing of districts could easily force out of office people who were elected, that is amongst the various current reasons that the Federal Law allows for anyone within the state to run in any district.

    What you have in these demonstrators is a group of people who lost in the general election and want to pressure their representative to go against what he was elected to do. I can understand the frustration of being in a minority and having lost an election and wanting the majority and those in power to do what you want. If the majority shifts and there is some one who is opposed to real Health Care Reform, Medicare, Social Security, Public Education, Federal Unemployment Insurance and assorted other aspects of government then I can assure you there would be a bunch of people protesting also.
    That is the way the system works.


  8. Someone put Pelosi out of her misery and her own socialistic agenda. Shame on any federally elected official for even attempting to use the “deem and pass” rule. They want to use this because they know it will fail if the PEOPLE actually voted on it. Nothing like getting forced fed a crappy bill that puts all our children in danger of paying for the mistakes of horrible elected officials in washington.


  9. The people of this country are OVERWHELMINGLY against ObamaCare. Those are the facts. When did our elected officials stop listening to the people they represent?

    As far as government run entities, does anyone out there really think the USPS, the IRS and the DMV are effectively operated by government agencies? If you honestly think the answer to that question is yes, you're only lying to yourself.


  10. There could not have been a more horrible elected official than George W. Bush. Who Republican though he is, had a large government, single handedly brought our economy to it's knees, and LIED to start a war which has killed about 5,000 Americans. Thank goodness we elected President Obama. So sorry those who want to live in the dark ages get freaked out about a health care plan we desperately need. I'm sorry, but I think the Tea Partyers are IDIOTS


  11. @ March 19, 2010 9:18 AM

    You're as dumb as they come. If it's so bad here in the USA, please leave. I hear France is accepting cowards like yourself.


  12. these people are assisting the terrorists!
    dont they know we are living in a time of war? we cannot be seen as being divided. they need to stand behind their president! you are either a patriot who supports america or you are a terrorist!


  13. Seeing what is happening to members of my family as a result of job loss and their health care, I now understand how much medical insurance reform is needed.

    When I read how much the insurance lobby has donated to elected officials and the pressure they exert, I realize that we have very little say and influence on their vote. Money talks.

    My guess is that many of the tea partyers are covered by medicare and are not interested in their neighbor's plight.


  14. Unfortunately, I suspect we will see a full blown class war break out here in the US.

    The Tax givers are just about tapped out from the tax takers (yes I'm talking about you people in Concord).


  15. All the politicians care about is a victory. I hear historic vote mentioned all the time. This seems to be about the legacy for the winner. These people don't care about the country they care about their party.

    I can only agree with the 'pre-existing condition' portion of the bill.

    I hate DC.

    Mr. Independent


  16. liberal playbook – when someone is against your position, tell them they are stupid, then discredit.
    (ie Anderson Cooper/liberals calling “Tea Partiers” “tea baggers” –
    why can't someone have a different opinion?
    I am totally against the healthcare reform – the only people it will help are the ones that are on welfare, don't want to work, illegals, and other people that don't want to work.
    You want healthcare – go to work at starbucks (like my neighbor, who works there 20 hrs week and gets healthcare for her three kids).
    Just another form of the govt supporting all the LOSERS that don't want to pull their own weight….oh ya, by the way, did you read the text in the bill that the IRS will be the one who enforces it? They will check you monthly, and if you do not have it, you will be fined or jailed
    What a great bill? (so great, that Obama/Pelosi had to buy off most of their colleagues (Nebraska, Louisiana, etc)


  17. In the news: “Raleigh, N.C. — As part of a plan to get the health insurance program for state employees back in the black, workers who smoke or overeat could soon wind up paying more for health coverage than those who don't.

    Starting next July, plan members who don't smoke will become eligible to cut their out-of-pocket costs by a third. In July 2011, people whose body-mass index is within set guidelines also could save on their coverage.

    Workers must agree to be randomly tested to qualify for the discounts.”

    Once we pass Obamacare, this will be coming to all Americans soon.

    Boy, I cannot wait until Nancy Pelosi is in charge of policing the nation on their eating and excercise habits, BMI, etc… It will be great!


  18. Did some aging 1960s hippie/Democrat above say if you don't support your president in time of war you are a terroist? Since when did draft-dodging, cherry bomb throwing, LSDs care about war? Surely I misread that. If I got then I'm going to be ROTFLMAO and quoting it at cocktail parties in Alamo.


  19. Anon 10:16, you said “Arrogance is code for 'uppity'. Which is Alamo code for , you know what. Alamo, the most fore-closed community of racists in California.”

    You know, I agree with you. It really is beyond the pale. I think what we need to do is educate people who use “code words” so that they know better. Actually, since they are probably already educated, I guess what we really need to do is re-educate them. We need to gather up all those racist people in Alamo and everyone else who uses “code words” and put them in one place to be re-educated…kind of like a camp…yes, that's what we'll call it…re-education camps. It sounds nice…they'll never suspect a thing.

    As for Anon 12:03's comment, yes, the taxpayers are getting restive. Got to do something about that. Anyway, these incremental tax increases are such a bother. I think it's time to just confiscate all wealth so it can be re-distributed the way we “elites” see fit. We can put Nancy Pelosi in charge of it.


  20. (“deem and pass” rule.) The same rule the Republicans used dozens of time between 2002-2006? Where was your anger then?


  21. Deem and pass has historically been used for minor, procedural legislation.

    Not for a sweeping overhaul of a huge portion of the U.S. economy.

    Even Chris Matthews from MSNBC said it would be outrageous for the dems to use deem and pass for healthcare.


  22. A huge junk of the US budget goes to fighting unnecessary wars in order to prop up what Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex”. What a shame there are no more republicans like him. The people who are complaining about the cost of healthcare conveniently overlook the cost of “defense” as a cause of the deficit. It siphons off money that could be used to build our infrastructure at home rather than rebuilding other people's bridges overseas. Not to mention the bases in over 100 countries that are the symbols of a dying empire. If these people are interested in protecting American lives, they should start by saving the 45,000 lives a year that are lost to lack of health insurance.


  23. As a paramedic that cares for the indigent every day I work I am totally for single payer health care. Every other 1st world country has it. Only we Americans are stupid and ignorant enough that we think our current system is the best. It sucks, people! Wake up!


  24. Anon 10:11

    So why don't you enlighten us?

    What is your healthcare? Are you a member of a government run plan (Medicare)?

    Are you facing major health issues, or how do you know how your plan would hold up if you would develop major health issues?

    If your plan is provided by an employer and you would loose your job for any reason and run out of ERISA, would you be able to get a similar plan at an affordable rate without pre-existing exclusions on your own?

    What is your personal experience with the Canadian system, or is your comparison based on what you hear on Fox News about it?

    Your statement as expressed at 10:11 is worthless in this form.


  25. If you have studied basic economics, you understand that any good or service that is finite must be rationed. The only question is how it will be rationed.

    Healthcare is finite. Doctors, hospital rooms, drugs, surgical suites — there is only so much to go around.

    Right now healthcare is rationed by nameless, faceless bureaucrats at the insurance companies. Tomorrow it will be rationed by nameless, faceless, bureaucrats in the government.

    If anyone thinks that suddenly everyone will get everything they need with regard to healthcare they are crazy.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  26. 11:48
    Well, I guess you are one of those who has not studied basic economics. Healthcare and its elements are no more finite than education, emergency services, policing, even the military. Are there only so many teachers, firefighters, police and marines to go around? Do we think of rationing them? In the short term, the supply may be limited, but there is no finite barrier with the exception of the size of the population (i.e. potential labor force). This is an issue of how resources will be allocated. More soldiers / contract mercenaries vs. more doctors, nurses, teachers. The most basic economics lesson is the one about guns vs. butter. Let's hope you never need butter.



    “Fmr. Bush aide: This is GOP’s Waterloo, points finger at ‘radicals’ like DeMint”


    Take a look Glen Beck Rush sheep, once again you have been betrayed by your own party. Just like the war on Iraq with the magical WMD's! Wake up you fools and stop watching Fox, you are being lied to by your own party. If you don't watch the video don't post.


  28. Anon at 10:27

    It doesn't matter if he is conservative or liberal. He correctly analyzed the dilemma the Repubs. now face.


  29. Anon AT 10:47

    “you Think David Frum is a conservative?”

    Umm yes I do: “David Frum, is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, the conservative research organization”

    Do you actually research anything before you post?


  30. I really don't want the government in charge of my death.
    At the VA Clinic in Martinez, they discriminate against Conservatives.
    Garamendi does not represent everyone in this district, just the government workers and other union thugs.


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