Eagle-eyed neighbor helps Walnut Creek police nab burglary suspect

Walnut Creek police on Thursday found a 41-year-old Martinez man in possession of the jewelry and computers he had allegedly stolen from a Huston Road home earlier in the day–all thanks to an observant and quick-thinking citizen.

At about 12:30 p.m., a citizen heard a loud banging coming from the home of a neighbor in the 1300 block of Huston Road. The neighbor noticed the front door of the house had been kicked in and saw the suspect, later identified as Jebba Catley, loading items from the house into a 2000 silver Dodge Caravan.
According to Sgt. Tom Cashion, “the citizen did a great job obtaining a license plate while the suspect was leaving the residence and called the Walnut Creek police.”
While officers responded to the house where the burglary occurred, detectives went to the Martinez address of the van’s registered owner.
Detectives arrived with Martinez police as the suspect was leaving his Walnut Avenue home. In the suspect’s van and another vehicle, the detectives located the propertythat had been taken from the Huston Road home. Catley was arrested on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen property and was booked in the Martinez Detention Facility with bail set at $50,000. 

9 thoughts on “Eagle-eyed neighbor helps Walnut Creek police nab burglary suspect

  1. So if health care reform passes we can provide him “free” cosmetic surgery. It will be so nice to have everyone covered. Just think, today if he broke his arm robbing a house it would have to heal on it's own because he doesn't have coverage. In the future he can walk, or take a stolen car, to a local hospital and get a “free” cast!


  2. It must be a real thorn in the sides of the police to arrest, the same people over & over again….to just have them spend way too little time in jail & get out & start all over again.
    Bet he is more than a 3 timer, just not bad enough for prison.


  3. Anonymous at 8:57 you are a pinhead and obviously know nothing about the bill other than how to spread false information. I have news for you btw, the uninsured are going to the hospitals and getting care now anyway…ON YOUR DIME! Who do you think pays for that now??? You do!! Through your ever rising health insurance costs.. Get it!!! Ding ding ding!!! maybe the light bulbs will go off now and you will get a clue.


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