ARF’s Celebrity 2010 calendar: Sully (of course), Warren Buffet, some other cool (and sexy) people–but Greta Van Susteren?

The East Bay’s patron saint of animal rescue, former Oakland Athletics and current St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, has put out a 2010 celebrity calendar to raise money for his worthy and well-regarded Walnut Creek-based Animal Rescue Foundation.
On the cover of the calendar is none other than America’s favorite hero commercial pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, with his wife, Lorrie. The Danville couple are posed with “Twinkle,” a retired canine member of Guide Dogs for the Blind, and an Animal Rescue Foundation adopted kitty. Sully and Lorrie, who have become international celebrities since Sully’s last year’s “miracle” landing of his crippled jet on the Hudson River in New York, are also featured in the calendar’s month of April.
Other celebrities–local, national, and international–and pets who grace this “one-of-a-kind’ calendar are: The Office star Jenna Fischer: Iron Chef Cat Cora; uber-cool filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (friend of George, Julia, and Brad); and iconic businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffett. Each calendar costs $15 and benefits ARF’s various programs: pet adoption; pet spay and neutering’ and children’s animal care education. ARF also provides financial assistance for veterinary care for low-income families in Contra Costa County. You can purchase one of your own calendars at ARF’s website.
Also in the calendar is–va-va-va-voom–Holly Madison, described as a TV personality, model, and Vegas star. In the ARF calendar, the blond bombshell is more modestly attired, posing with two dogs. 

OK, now my quibble: Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren.  Ewww. “Mike,” the big furry cat she’s clutching is cute, but Greta?  BFF to Sarah and Todd Palin? Greta, who traded in her authentic hangdog legal analyst look of her O.J. Simpson trial coverage days for her current obnoxious, and highly publicized plasticized Fox Anchor persona?

Greta is, along with Nancy Grace, on my top 10 list of annoying TV cable “news” personalities. Couldn’t ARF have done without her?

13 thoughts on “ARF’s Celebrity 2010 calendar: Sully (of course), Warren Buffet, some other cool (and sexy) people–but Greta Van Susteren?

  1. Totally agree with you on all the awful talking-heads on Fox “News” channel. They don't talk to their guests or the audience – they talk AT people, and they talk DOWN to us all. Also very plastic looking is Shep Smith!!


  2. Friend of Sarah and Todd Palin the wolf killers those two disgust me! And now so does Greta I'd rather just donate the 15 bucks they can keep the calendar!


  3. Agreed on a straight donation.

    I got a great free Year of the Tiger Calendar from my favorite chinese takeout place.

    Love Holly. Hugh is not too bright.


  4. Dear 1:38 a.m.
    Yes, I can be a rotten, vile, non-human
    I'm sorry if this post could be perceived as an insult to ARF. It is a really good organization, and, from what I understand, it is one of the BEST-RUN nonprofits in the East Bay. I'm also very impressed with some of its programs.

    But, sorry, as much as I admire this organization and am happy to promote their products, seeing Greta in there just grossed me out. Maybe she's a good friend of Mr. La Russa's, and you could say she was a nice person to donate her time to this cause.

    Actually, I used to like Greta back in her CNN legal analyst days. I thought she provided good, smart analysis. But she sold out…. And she did her admitted plastic surgery, that make her look really kind of creepy.

    It was just disappointing to see her in this calendar.

    As for the addition of Holly Madison, that blond bombshell, well she looks fun, and, even though she is more modestly attired in the calendar than she is in this photo, she still looks lovely in her shot.


  5. Maybe next year ARF will ask Crazy to pass on the acceptability of calendar people. That we way we'll get Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Obama, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

    I look forward to seeing that issue. It will definitely be a collectable since they will have a print run of about 12.


  6. What a mix of personalities for that calendar! I guess they wanted to cover all bases. If they're all animal lovers, hey, so much the better. Gives me some hope.


  7. Watching Greta interview Sarah in her Wasila home was agonizing. The hardhitting questions we used to expect were replaced with softballs and adulation. Some of the facelift obviously caused brain damage…she hitched her wagon to the mwrong star.


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