Walnut Creek "mobility gripe No. 3: Where the sidewalk ends on Ygnacio Valley

I’m sure city planners had good reason at some point, allowing this notable gap in the sidewalk between John Muir Medical Center and San Carlos Drive. And, I’m sure there are readers out there who can explain how this came about and correct my ignorance.

And, yes, there is something nice about the idea of building a “green” sound wall to protect residents along Los Altos Avenue from the heavy traffic noise of Ygnacio Valley Road.

And, I know that you can take what can be a pleasant detour north of John Muir hospital, onto the trail that takes you into San Miguel Park.

And, I know you can cross Ygnacio there from the south side to the north. Yeah, and you can wait and wait for the “walking man” signal that lets you cross…

But still. This gap is just that: a gap, which hinders easy pedestrian and bicycle mobility from one point on Ygnacio to another….
I’ve come across it frequently my little jogs, like this morning, around town, when I choose to climb up and over Ygnacio Valley Road. And, this sidewalk stop has always mystified me.
Oh, and to the left is peek at the fence on the other side of the soundwall.

6 thoughts on “Walnut Creek "mobility gripe No. 3: Where the sidewalk ends on Ygnacio Valley

  1. There used to be sidewalk there. It was very narrow and not maintained very well. When they put in the “sound wall” they took out the sidewalk.


  2. You have a choice, 3 lanes of traffic and no sidewalk or 2 lanes and a sidewalk. Anyone who has EVER driven on YV, should be voting for the former!!!!


  3. There was indeed a sidewalk there previously. The wisdom of a previous City Council brought us a “living sound wall” which required the removal of the sidewalk so that we could have the plants drape down the sound wall and require constant maintenance!


  4. YV sucks to bicycle down. i usually take the side walk, and when i get to this part i hit the pedestrian crossing light thing, and when that stops all the cars i bike down the hill as fast as i can.
    might not be the safest thing in the world. but it works better than hoping that the cars down run me over in their hurry.


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