Waiting for their Air Jordans outside Nordstrom

The scene outside Nordstrom in Broadway Plaza just before the store opened at 8 a.m. Wednesday:

About 20 people, huddled in jackets, mittens, hats, waiting, waiting, waiting to get inside and purchase a limited number of new-model Nike Air Jordan Space Jam Retro basketball shoes.

The 50 pairs of $175 shoes were to go on sale Wednesday morning at Nordstrom, according to the Contra Costa Times. One gentleman, who had the coveted spot at the front of the line, said he had arrived 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Such dedication for these sports/Michael Jordan fans! I hope this guy and all the others who had reportedly been standing in line, at least since Tuesday evening, will get what they want.

And, hey, Michael Jordan, is one very, very rich and transformative sports icon who can still sell products, unlike another less fortunate sports great who has recently fallen into the pits of scandal! But last I heard, Nike was still sticking by you know who.

6 thoughts on “Waiting for their Air Jordans outside Nordstrom

  1. Those shoes probably made in a sweatshop in Asia.

    I don't stand in a lengthy line to buy ANYTHING. I don't intend to stand in a long line or out in the cold to divest myself of money. I won't even do it for Christmas gifts. I can't imagine waiting in the cold for a pair of shoes.

    I wouldn't spend $175 on a pair of sneakers made by $.50/hour labor. I'd rather buy a regular pair of shoes and give my local charity the rest of the money.


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