Speaking of downtown parking, how has your holiday parking experience been in Walnut Creek?

Has it been a hassle? What about the garage behind Nordstrom and Macy’s? Have you been doing endless loops around that garage, trying to find a free space?

According to Signature Parking’s blog, the holiday program incorporates several of their existing curbside locations at Il Fornaio and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse alongside a new location at 1250 Locust Street right across from Century Theater. The fee for valet parking at the new Locust Street location will be $5 and all other locations throughout town will charge $7.

“It is our goal to make valet parking a convenient and easily accesible parking option for all visitors of downtown Walnut Creek,” Signature Parking says. “As an added convenience, customer of the service will be able to drop off accumulated shopping purchases at the valet station for delivery to their vehicles, making extended shopping and dining outings easier.”

Or what about the trolley? Have you taken advantage of this free service? The cable-car styled green trolley loops daily around Walnut Creek, with a stop at BART. It runs every 15 minutes, and gets you to Broadway Plaza. And through December 31, it was to have extended hours to 10 p.m.

9 thoughts on “Speaking of downtown parking, how has your holiday parking experience been in Walnut Creek?

  1. Terrible! I went during the week at lunch time, wrong time to go! I circled a parking garage for a while and finally found a place to park. I won't be back until after the Holdiays are done. Last year I actually left without ever finding parking. I REFUSE to use valet, what a waste of valuable parking spaces. So I on line shop and go to Sun Valley Mall early and have no problems.


  2. Mostly I shop online but yesterday I did find a parking space in the garage behind Il Fornaio. If I need to go to Broadway Plaza I just park several blocks away and walk.


  3. When my son was younger and enthralled by buses, trains, and trucks we would sometimes ride the free trolley around town as a special treat. The drivers were always very nice and friendly. I used the trolley “for real” for the first time a few weeks ago when I needed to get from BART to the Lescher Center. Normally it's an easy walk but it was cold and rainy so the trolley was great.

    I found parking at Broadway Plaza before 9:00am the other day when Macy's had their one-day early morning sale. That will be my only downtown parking venture this season.


  4. I got all my shopping done online or at places with their own parking lots this year! So happy to have missed out on that mess.


  5. Went down on Sunday, found a spot without problems. I'm not saying where but it was in the middle of everything. Didn't pay a dime.

    It's a busy time of year, even the malls and stores with parking lots have challenges. In downtown so many options exist with one park of the car!


  6. Just returned from downtown. Absolutely no problem parking, as usual. I just go a block or so away from the core downtown bounded by Broadway, California and Civic. Besides tha fact that there are plenty of on-street spots, especially to the north, the meters are only 50 cents per hour there. As Anon 9:36 pointed out, it was easy to visit several destinations once I had my parking spot.


  7. We decided not to deal with it this year. Traffic and parking in downtown WC is so bad it's simply not worth the effort. So, we bought a handful of gift cards at Safeway and mailed them out. That's it, done.


  8. Anon 6:02,
    Congratulations on the big lie. Maybe you can get a spot on Fox News!
    There's plenty of parking downtown. Enjoy your teensy little Christmas.


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