Plundering a long vacant house here in Walnut Creek

Thieves pulling up to a house, long vacant and long on the market. They have a U-Haul truck. They go in and tear out countertops and possibly other appliances, load it them in their truck and start to drive away.

Sounds like a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie (The Road anyone?), or from one of those foreclosure-hit neighborhoods in East Contra Costa.

But it happened recently here in Walnut Creek. I heard about it at a party last night, attended by some other people in the ‘hood. This house, a ranch, was overhauled after its former owner, the neighborhood “cat lady” died. A family with young kids moved in, and seem to be settling in to the school and the ‘hood. Then they had to move–maybe a job relocation–and put the house on the market–just as home prices started to tumble and the Great Recession hit.

And there the house stood, and stood, and stood, for more than 400 days. Apparently they were asking around $900,000 for it initially. Word is that the price was reduced to $625,00, and word is that had been recently been sold and that the buyers may have some controversial plans in mind…

Heard about the plundering because my party’s hostess was driving by the house when the U-haul was being loaded up. Looked suspicious to her, so she followed the truck, and called the cops…

5 thoughts on “Plundering a long vacant house here in Walnut Creek

  1. Not surprising at all. Surprising is that your friend actually did something. What a wonderful person to even bother to phone the police. So many people do nothing. That's what the thugs hope for, nothing. Great ending to the story! I imagine the police arrested someone…? Will we hear that here or on Claycord?


  2. I'm so shocked! A week or two ago as I was driving up Newell, I saw a Uhaul moving truck parked in the driveway to that house. I assumed that people were finally moving in! This was daytime and there was nothing to be suspicious about. It's sad that what seems like a professional crime, has violated our neighborhood.
    Now I am very troubled. From now on when I see a parked Uhaul van, in front of a vacant house that has been on sale for over a year, during normal daylight business hours, on a busy street that I transit through to get to my house approximately a 1/2 mile away, I will have to consider what would the holier than thou lemon lady do? Having the same information I had at the time, I would still do nothing!


  3. The Catholic church on Mt Diablo Blvd. had to hire private security guards for Christmas because of car burglaries. Happens during services and school activities.


  4. I believe the theft took place when the house went on the market in July, 2008 and the owners had just moved out. The new owners have been there in recent days.


  5. Good for the sharp-eyed party hostess for noting that and taking action! That's what it takes to prevent or interrupt crime, or find the crooks afterwards.


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