One less empty storefront: Pet Food Express to move into the former Elephant Phamarcy site

The San Leandro-based pet food and supply retailer, Pet Food Express, is set to open its newest store in Walnut Creek, in the space right next door to Trader Joe’s–that was recently occupied by the late Elephant Pharmacy.

Pet Food Express will also be opening about a block from another pet food and supply retailer, PETCO.

Pet Food Express already has its sign affixed to the building it shares with Trader Joe’s, and to the sign posted at the corner of Newell Avenue of South California Boulevard. A digital countdown clock in Pet Food Express’ new window says this Walnut Creek store is due to open in 24 days, which Soccer Son and I estimate to be Tuesday, November 17.

The company likes to promote its local Bay Area roots. … And the fact that its 34 stores offer the largest selection of holistic and hypoallergenic pet foods in the United States. The chain also boasts of other features, described on its website as “cool” or community oriented: an interest in helping local pet rescue organizations, offering low prices that beat the competition, and, hmm, self-service dog washes. (Hey, what about cat washes? Meeee-ooowww!)

As for the competition with PETCO … Me-ow! Pet supply chain store cat fight brewing!

We pick up our kitty cat’s food at PETCO for the time being. But, hey, if that brand is available next door to Trader Joe’s–where I regular stock up on basic food items–meats, breads, dairy, baking goods, chocolate!!!, and Two Buck Chuck Cabernet–well, I might be frequenting Pet Food Express more often.

7 thoughts on “One less empty storefront: Pet Food Express to move into the former Elephant Phamarcy site

  1. I have always liked Pet Food Express. It is a local Bay Area only chain of stores, and they are always very friendly. Employees bring in their own pets to the stores. I have seen kittens and dogs. A big chain like Petco always seems so impersonal, but employees at Pet Food Express are really cheerful.


  2. Is Pet Food Express the same chain that used to be on Broadway where that bankrupt high end garden store was recently located or was it the one that used to be in that strip mall adjacent to Whole Foods parking lot? I'm so confused. Now I gotta get me a pet.


  3. I think that when a new store opens, that is a good topic for this blog.

    I like Pet Food Express, too.

    I didn't know that Elephant Pharm had closed. I don't go to that TJ's because it always seems to be so crowded and the parking lot is a small nightmare, similar to the one at Whole Foods. In those two parking lots, I have encountered the rudest and worst behavior I've ever seen anywhere, in my 24 years here.


  4. I love Pet Food Express! Employees go to “Pet Food U” to learn about the various kinds of pet food and how to help pet owners figure out what's best for their own 'companion animal.' (Full disclosure here .. my son worked for the company when he was a teen, so I saw firsthand the kind of ongoing training staff is expected to have). So glad they are coming back to Walnut Creek!


  5. Petco used to be located in the same shopping center as Whole Foods. The building is now occupied by a thrift shop. Whole Foods is where Navlet's Garden Center used to be located. Navlet's is a locally owned chain of garden centers. They have stores in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Danville, and Martinez. I used to work at their main office in Pleasant Hill. The people there were very friendly.


  6. I believe Pet Food Express once had a store on North Broadway in Walnut Creek many years ago. It was very close to the Liberty Bell plaza.


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