Another way to beat SAD: Help the Lemon Lady fight hunger in our community

Our wonderful Lemon Lady of Claycord needs a break, or at least some help with project to harvest fruit from local trees and to collect donations from farmers markets.

“The Lemon Lady is tired,” she admits. Well, she has put in hundreds of hours and picked and hauled tons of fruit to deliver to local food pantries. She does all this while taking care of a home and a toddler!

She put out this note on her blog: “Volunteer Opportunity. The Lemon Lady seeking volunteers in the hunger cause. Become a hunger advocate today! Immediate help is needed. Need help with harvesting fruit from local trees.”

She adds that “selfless acts of kindness reward the soul with inner joy!

Yes, this could be another way to beat SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, or any low mood, caused by whatever stresses you are dealing with in life right now …

You can call her at (510) 406-1625 or email her at

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