Family, friends asking for help in finding missing Northgate alum

A reader alerted me to a Walnut Creek mom’s search for her missing son, Justin Clark, a 1997 graduate of Northgate High, who was seen on July 9 in San Francisco. The reader went to school with him at Northgate and remembers him as incredibly sweet, funny, and kind.

The family has set up a website, It says his last known whereabouts is a cafe, Royal Ground Coffee, on Polk at Sacramento streets, in San Francisco. That’s the last place he told someone he was going.

Here is a message from Justin’s mother, who says that he is the youngest of her three sons and was living with her while recovering from a broken leg. He also worked in San Francisco as a nurse.

My name is Carilyne, and I am looking for my son. He’s been missing since July 9, 2009, and I’ve been incredibly worried about him since. He usually gives me a call every few days and when he didn’t, I tried to contact him, but I never got a response.

I don’t know what to do – I’ve talked with his co-workers, his friends, and I have been going to homeless shelters, hoping that I can find some information on anyone who’s seen him since.

The last place I was told he went to was at Royal Ground Coffee on Polk at Sacramento Street. I’ve been there, and I haven’t had any luck from the employees. My co-workers, Justin’s friends and colleagues, are all trying to help out by passing out and posting missing person’s flyers, helping me by building this website to get more exposure and information, and
we’re trying to use social networks to get the message out there that my son is missing.

I just hope that I am doing everything I can to find my son. It’s so hard not knowing what’s happening to a loved one. Is he okay? Is he hurt? Did he lose his memory? I just don’t want to find out by getting a call saying that he’s not with us anymore.

Anyone with information, or who wants to help in the search can contact (415) 637-4739

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