Hike Lime Ridge Peak this morning or on your own

Sorry to readers and to Save Mount Diablo folks for being late in getting this up…

But Save Mount Diablo has another guided hike scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday of Lime Ridge. Or Save Mount Diablo has information on self-guided hikes that you can take at your own convenience. For self-guided hikes go here on the nonprofit’s website.

Here is why Save Mt. Diablo wants to raise awareness about Lime Ridge Peak. The City of Walnut Creek is considering a proposal to grant a cell phone company, Nextel, a lease to allow them to use the peak for an expanded communications facility.

Save Mount Diablo believes that granting the lease would be a threat to this wonderful, natural resource:

This is the City’s opportunity to end this inappropriate use of the open space and to return the area to its natural setting by requiring the removal of the existing facilities.

Learn more about this proposal by joining us on one of our guided hikes through Lime Ridge, taking a self guided hike on your own, or by reading our comment letter to the City. Send a letter to the City to let them know that you support Save Mount Diablo’s position to return the open space to its natural setting.

5 thoughts on “Hike Lime Ridge Peak this morning or on your own

  1. Sure, kill the cellphone tower, enjoy the wilderness, and use your cellphone to call for help when you get lost or are injured…….. oh wait, NO SERVICE, shucks.

    This is a sure candidate for the NIMBY award!


  2. monk, you worry about getting lost on lime ridge? have you ever been there? it's pretty much impossible to get lost.
    people did go on hikes before cellphones….


  3. Ok guys, maybe getting lost isn't a big issue….. but you'll certainly wish you were only lost as you crawl down the hill on your knees after you've broken your ankle 🙂

    Of course, you'll have your GPS to get you to your Darwin Award Ceremony!


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