Armed robbery, with shots fired, in church parking lot

A man parked in the lot at St. Vianney Church, and near the Walnut Festival, was robbed by two men of his wallet Thursday night.

Lt. Shelley James said, shortly after 10 p.m., the victim was parked in his vehicle in the parking lot at 1650 Ygnacio Valley Road. That’s the address of St. Vianney Church.

The first robber pointed a semiautomatic handgun at the victim and ordered him out of the vehicle. The victim complied and was ordered to hand over his wallet. The suspect then went through the victim’s pants pocket and again demanded his wallet. The suspect then reached inside the vehicle and removed the victim’s briefcase, ran off, discharging his handgun several times in the general direction of where the victim was standing. The victim was not injured.

The two suspects got into an older model , possibly green pickup truck with a camper shell that was parked nearby and drove off westbound on Ygnacio Valley Roard. Officers responded to the scene and searched the surrounding area but didn’t find anyway.
The two suspects and weapon are still outstanding.

Anyone with information on this robbery should call the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 943-5844.

2 thoughts on “Armed robbery, with shots fired, in church parking lot

  1. How about a description of the suspects…you know, so that we can be on the lookout? Maybe help the police catch these guys before they strike again?

    For a second there I thought I was reading the CoCo Times…heading back to Claycord!


  2. 7:36- Howz this for a description? 20-30 year old, dark complected (PC), male, wearing below the hip, butt crack showing, baggy pants, with a black hoodie covering his dark sunglass wearing face. Believe to have driven away in a candy purple 4 door Buick Century with 22″ chrome wire rims and low profile tires. When last spotted, low riding suspects were heading toward Pittsburg, no make that West to Oakland. Correction, they were on San Pablo Dam Rd. heading for Richmond all the while sucking down on a 40.
    Whatever! When will these people learn? Why has no one been able to reach these young men? They need to be steered in a different direction. If they had an upper middle class education, they could be insurance companies, or banks, or automobile companies. Legally robbing people through high premiums and denial of covered services, or predatory and fraudulent mortgage loan practices, or poor analysis of market trends and failure to quickly act to manufacture a product that consumers would want to buy if it wasn't so outrageously priced and only gets 14 MPG. All the while, selling yourself to the government as too big to fail, and even if you do fail the government will bail you out by robbing the (empty) treasury. See the difference now? When you get caught robbing people you go to jail. When they get caught robbing people the government lets them rob us more. No matter which way you go, I hope they find, arrest, and throw your sorry asses away for a long time.


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