Alamo’s Dr. Playboy loves to have fun and to help people feel better about themselves, so why he is being so annoying?

When I first wrote my blog about plastic surgeon Kevin Degnan, losing a lengthy legal dispute with neighbors about the big, sexy parties he was throwing on his Alamo estate, I didn’t get a chance to fully investigate his escapades and the love that surrounds this big, brawny lug of a guy. A friend forwarded me the link to his MySpace page where he proudly displays photos of himself and his philosophy of life:

If you love to play, you will want to play with me. I truly believe that life is about having fun enjoying every day to the fullest. That isn’t to say I don’t take things seriously, it’s just that life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, so it better be good. Probably the number one passion in my life is my work.

I feel so lucky to get up everyday, and look forward to “work”. I’m an artist whose medium is the human body. Every day I help people feel better about themselves. I love to travel, and have been just about everywhere. I am extremely loyal to my friends, but don’t waste time on people who are not real, good human beings. I love going out to dinner and clubs, but chillin in the sun by the pool, reading a book, or watching a DVD with take-out is cool too.

Just a regular guy, huh, with a cool, easy-going approach to life. What a sweet, saintly guy. He’s so misunderstood!

Then again, if he cares about making people feel better about themselves, why is he being such a jerk? C’mon. He’s pushing his life-style choices down the throats of his neighbors, with the crowds, and the music, and the litter, the helicopter landings (pictured above) and everything else. Then, when his neighbors complain, he talks about how he’s just a free-spirited, free love kind a guy that no one among his straight-laced, middle-aged matronly neighbors understands. And then he chooses to spend $600,000 of his own money, clogging our court system, and wasting people’s time, with his self-indulgent effort to defend his right to be ostentatious and obnoxious.

You know, I agree that what he does on the privacy of his own property is no one else’s concern—as long as it’s not illegal or harmful to others. If he wants to have three-ways, or four-ways, of eight-ways, or he wants to indulge in “water sports”—and not necessarily the kind you enjoy in a swimming pool—or go at it with other consenting adults in his private, sound-proof sex lair—that’s great. Free love, baby. (I do hope, though, that he and his guests are using condoms and getting regular checks for STDs.)
I mean, just keep it within the walls of your 13-acre estate. So, your neighbors don’t have to listen to it while they are trying to sleep, or don’t have to clean up after the debris (don’t want to imagine what that could involve) your guests leave. And the rest of us can know that our taxpayer dollars aren’t going to pay for your private snitfit in court.

In the meantime, enjoy these very, uh, interesting photos. Or visit his MySpace page or this other site, which has rave reviews about the rockin’ great parties he throws. Dude!

15 thoughts on “Alamo’s Dr. Playboy loves to have fun and to help people feel better about themselves, so why he is being so annoying?

  1. I wonder why he uses MySpace versus Facebook? (MySpace is most popular with kids. Teens grow out of it. . into FaceBook or something else.)

    Interesting why these types of guys fascinate us; gross us out; makes us feel envious or disgusted. In other words: trigger strong emotion. It wouldn't be this way, I don't think, if he was younger or not a doctor.

    Well, he's getting the attention he seems to crave!


  2. I met with Dr. Degnan when I was looking for a Dr. to do reduction surgery. He was very nice, had a very professional attitude, and judging from his portfolio, he does fabulous work. I was not able to have him do my surgery, as he doesn't deal with insurance companied, but if he did, I would have had him do my surgery. When it comes to doctors, I don't mind if they are dripping in self confidence, especially in a surgeon! Now, what he does in his private life… I don't care!


  3. To tell you the truth, I do very much care about my doctor's personal/private life because it says so much about the real person I've entrusted my health/life with, or the life of my family members. If I knew my doctor was a heavy party guy, I'd have quality of care concerns.


  4. He is 48 and graduated from Alhambra High School in Martinez, class of 79 I believe. He had some great parties when we were in school at his parents house, maybe thats where he got his start. Maybe he will invite some of us someday.


  5. people is just jelous about him, becouse he knows how to live the good life, and knows how to have fun,life is short so enjoy to the fullest…..


  6. as a doctor is an amazing doctor very very professional, about his personal life, thats why is personal life, I have to stop there becouse is his private life, every body has a private life and the rigth to keep it private,…if my teacher is happy in his private life thats better,nobody wants a depressed the key for a better life is so simple be happy, live your life to the fullest, smile be educated be thankful for everything and stop watching others life lets wach how I am how we are with others lets think about how we can be better humans how to help others how to help to make this world a better place to live, so lets start smiling and saying thanks for everything and youre going to discover a better life!!!!! thanks for reading!!!!!!!


  7. I am so glad I read your blog on this guy! He is creepy,immature,sexist and pathetic. He gives professional, ethical plastic surgeons a bad name


  8. Also known him since high school. Was delighted to call him and his family personal friends and was gut-wrenched to learn of his father's passing. The original Dr. D was a very fine and compassionate man, if imperfect. Still waiting to find a perfect person, by the way. Kevin was always an “over the top” kind of guy and perhaps also slightly imperfect. He is either your style or not and if not, easy enough to avoid. His eccentricities were always polarizing so I'm not totally surprised by the negative comments but really – people must find something better to do with their time. I live next to a public park that is often frequented by loud, intoxicated kids that keep me awake. Can be annoying for sure, but in the grand scheme, I have far more important things about which to be concerned; don't his 13-acres-away neighbors? Don't dig his lifestyle choices? Don't participate. Single pane windows in a development filled with multi-million dollar homes? Bet Kevin would buy earplugs all around and maybe even new windows. Or noise cancelling headphones. I'm not his neighbor and don't know what it's really like to have those exact crowds on that precise road, but I do live near other people who, among all of us in the neighborhood, throw more than 2-3 parties a year. More like dozens. Cars crowd the streets. People take their sweet time saying good bye all around those cars and even spill out onto the road. I actually have to wait to drive past them. Those are precious seconds and minutes that I'll never get back. I'll live. SO glad I don't have Kevin's neighbors, although if I did, I may finally meet perfect people. They seem to think they are.


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