CD10 campaign heats up! State Department asks DeSaulnier to remove Tauscher endorsement from campaign materials

As the song goes: “The streets of Walnut Creek are alive . . . with the sight of CD10 campaign signs . . .

Here’s the intersection where Homestead Avenue hits Ygnacio Valley Road. Which of the 14 candidates to replace former U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher, who took a top State Department post, are we missing from this display?

Meanwhile, state Senator Mark DeSaulnier lost some good PR potential. The Contra Costa Times Lisa Vorderbrueggen, on her blog Friday, says:

The U.S. State Department has asked 10th District Congressional candidate and state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier to remove all references in his campaign materials to
his endorsement from former congresswoman
Ellen Tauscher, who is now undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security at the U.S. State Department.

While a legal adviser to the U.S. State Department concludes that the endorsement broke no laws or policies, “Under Secretary Tauscher is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, on behalf of Undersecretary Tauscher, I have asked Senator DeSaulnier to remove all references in his campaign material of any endorsement she may have made,” wrote James Thessin, deputy legal adviser and designated agency ethics official?

But DeSaulnier’s campaign manager Katie Merrill, according to Vorderbrueggen, alleges that Tauscher’s request is a result of “sour grapes,” a complaint filed by Lt. Governor John Garamendi who asked for Tauscher’s endorsement but didn’t get it, perhaps because she had already endorsed DeSaulnier back in March.

Psst: I happened to attend a speech Tauscher gave in Lafayette a couple months back, and Garamendi showed up, on his way to give a talk at another event. He looked like he was eager to have private face time with the soon-to-be former congresswoman.

4 thoughts on “CD10 campaign heats up! State Department asks DeSaulnier to remove Tauscher endorsement from campaign materials

  1. Me thinks there is another element to this story……Ms. Tauscher has found an easy way to placate her feminist friends who have consistantly supported her in her bids for congress. To buy the
    “avoid even the appearance of impropriety,” line would be foolish and naive. She found herself in a very sticky situation when EMILY'S LIST endorsed the sole Demo woman in the race, Joan Buchanan, and then Ms. Tauscher could not personally rescind her previous endorsement of Mark De Saulnier. Surely, all it took was a whisper in an aide's ear who took it to a State Department advisor and wanting to please the new undersecretary, this person gave her the easy way out. Amazing how things work in Washington!

    As a Republican, I find this whole scenario quite amusing to watch knowing that now the race on the Democrat side may have just tightened up a bit.

    Stay tuned, the next month of the Primary campaign could be really interesting.


  2. Hey, that's the famous “sign hill” in your picture. I used to live right over there. I wonder how many million signs have been posted there over the years? Didn't we vote on buying that property for the city a few years ago? Yes we did, but it got voted down. Might make an interesting exhibit for the Bedford Gallery, all those signs.


  3. “Sign Hill”

    That's funny. It is, potentially, an interesting display of something. Someone who is a better photographer than me could make something profound and artistic out of it. Maybe?


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