Walnut Creek’s San Francisco Creamery Co. gets its close-up on Travel Channel’s "Man vs. Food" show

Reader (or perhaps we can call him, in true Conde Nast-style, “contributing editor”) DeLaSalle sent along this very cool tip and even cooler pic showing Adam Richman, the host of Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food show, about to conquer the infamous Kitchen Sink sundae at San Francisco Creamery Co. on Locust Street.

Richman was to make his attempt at 3 p.m. Tuesday, and I guess we’ll find out how he did when the segment airs. (And, yeah, I’ll check into that air date.)

To be honest, I don’t get a chance to view the Travel Channel too much and was not at all familiar with the show, but Man v. Food airs Wednesday nights.

Here is the official Man v. Food description from the Travel Channel site:

Every region has its own local culture and flavor. One of the best ways for a traveler to immerse him or herself in new destinations is to taste these unique dishes. This taste exploration allows even the strictest of dieters the freedom to indulge.

In the new series, Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, host Adam Richman (a Brooklyn-based Yale school drama graduate, TV actor, and self-proclaimed foodie) sets out to travel the country in search of the best places to do some serious indulging … to find the best traditional food the nation can serve up. …

After hunting down the can’t-miss flavors that make up each region’s unique culinary history, Adam will take on the city’s toughest food challenge. Whether he’s devouring the Sasquatch Burger in Memphis, the Atomic Hot Wings platter in Pittsburgh, or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, Adam digs in with zeal becoming our ambassador to all things delicious.

Hmm. It sounds like the Kitchen Sink Sundae might belong in such esteemed company as 13-pound pizzas or burgers named after supersized mythological creatures.

The Creamery lists the sundae on its menu under the heading “Super Special Sundaes for Sharing.”

According to the Creamery’s description for the Kitchen Sink, “We throw everything at you with this gigantic sundae served in our own specially made sink! We take three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to eight choices of ice cream, eight servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. Serves one (if you dare) to six people. Perfect for birthdays and special celebrations. Includes a picture to take home and one on our wall of fame.”

A Kitchen Sink sundae will set you back $34.95.

But, of course, the indulgence is worth it, though, psst, I could do without the bananas…
Anyway, if you, and maybe some friends or loved ones, want to conquer the Kitchen Sink yourselves, the Creamery is located at 1370 Locust St., Walnut Creek, (925) 926-0228, http://www.sanfranciscocreameryco.com/.

6 thoughts on “Walnut Creek’s San Francisco Creamery Co. gets its close-up on Travel Channel’s "Man vs. Food" show

  1. I'm watching the show at the moment and saw previews for other episodes and recognized the place and the kitchen sink and got excited and had to look it up!


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