Father of Orinda teen who died at party thanks community for support while police arrest third person in connection with his death

The father of Joseph Loudon, the 16-year-old boy who died after possibly drinking too much at a party, is urging his son’s friends and Miramonte High classmates to honor his son’s memory by making good choices in their lives.

Bill Loudon’s letter to the Miramonte High community came a day or so before police announced the arrest of a third person in connection with Joseph’s death.

Orinda police announced Thursday that they had arrested a Rohnert Park man on suspicion of providing fake ID cards to under-aged teens, including teens from Lafayette and Orinda. Police found more than 100 fake driver’s licenses when serving a search warrant on the apartment of Robert Martin Scott, 22.

Scott’s name and alleged business supplying fake IDs apparently came up in the investigation of Loudon’s May 23 death. However, police have not confirmed that Scott provided fake IDs to any of the teens who were at the party where Joseph collapsed.

Police have already arrested an 18-year-old neighbor and rugby teammate of Loudon’s, Patrick Gabrielli, on suspicion of supplying alcohol. The party, attended by 50 or 60 teens, was taking place at Gabrielli’s home while his parents were out of town. Police also arrested a 16-year-old on suspicion of providing alcohol.

In his letter to the Miramonte High community, Bill Loudon also wants to thank everyone for their support during his family’s very difficult time:

Dear Miramonte Students, Parents, Teachers and Coaches,

Thank you all so much for the beautiful showing of love and support that you have given to me and my family since the death of my son Joe. The memory wall, the wrist bands, the tee shirts, the flag at half staff, the candlelight service, the celebration of Joe’s life, the reception following the celebration, the track team tribute at their banquet and the planting of the rose bush in the garden have overwhelmed us with feelings of gratitude. You have helped us during our most difficult of times, and your generosity and love will not be forgotten. Joe loved Miramonte. He loved his classmates, teammates, parents of classmates and teammates, teachers, and coaches; and I can certainly see why. You are a beautiful community of friends, mentors and supporters that brought joy to Joe every day of his high school life. My hope is that Joe will be remembered by each of you for his friendship, his spirit, his humor or for some small act of kindness that he
might have shown you. But I also hope that his memory helps just one person make a better decision in their life. For all of you students at Miramonte, I would ask that you honor Joe by remembering your parents, your friends and all of the people that love you as you make your choices. My family and I will forever remember your kindness and support.

With enormous love and appreciation,
Bill Loudon

2 thoughts on “Father of Orinda teen who died at party thanks community for support while police arrest third person in connection with his death

  1. Wow. That is a serious thought for some of those kids that may have been at that party and saw Joe lying there. I was a kid once and I remember how it was the most fun to rebel against your parents and do things you wernt suppossed to. Now that I am older, I always wished I would have listened to what my mom and dad were saying.


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