Kids on spring break–or someone–throwing eggs at cars on Ygnacio Valley Road Saturday night/Sunday morning

Parents: do you know where your kids were at 4:45 on a Sunday morning?

A reader e-mailed to report being pelted by eggs while driving to work along Ygnacio Valley Road near Homestead Avenue early Sunday morning.

I called the Walnut Creek police, and wasn’t able to reach the watch commander but someone on duty said that the police had received one or two reports of eggs being thrown at cars driving along Ygnacio Valley Saturday night.

Here’s what the reader reported:

I was driving to work down Ygnacio Valley Rd at approx 4:45 this morning (Sunday), heading towards the freeway. In around the area of Homestead Ave, my car was hit with an egg thrown from the right side of the road.

I stopped at the 76 station on the corner of Ygnacio and Civic to wash it off, and called the police. I hope they caught the people responsible.

Have you heard of this happening on a regular basis? Or are there kids out there whose parents don’t know where they are at that time of the morning? Is it Spring Break for the Acalanes School District?
I told the reader that it has been spring break for the Acalanes Union and Walnut Creek school districts this past week. If kids living in that neighborhood near Ygnacio Valley and Homestead attended public schools they would most likely attend public schools in either of these districts.

But if the egg-throwers had strayed over Shell Ridge from the side of town covered by the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, well that district’s spring break is not until April 13-17.

Reader, thanks for letting others know about egg-pelting kids vandalizing cars on the weekends. I only have an 11-year-old, but I hope he won’t be out in the middle of the night, throwing eggs or other items at passing cars.
I can see, how, if you’re a middle-school-aged kid, or a teenager, you would think it’s funny to throw eggs at cars. I myself have perpetrated my share of pranks in my lifetime. But, in my book, the first rule of pranks is: do no harm. They should be good-natured and fun for everyone involved: the prankster and the prank-ee. And throwing something–even something as seemingly harmless as eggs–at moving cars is dangerous.

9 thoughts on “Kids on spring break–or someone–throwing eggs at cars on Ygnacio Valley Road Saturday night/Sunday morning

  1. I think it seems more like the retired demographic.Geesh lets make the old people work a few more years so that we can reduce these shenanigans.


  2. Yes, I should correct this sentence: “Reader, thanks for letting others know about egg-pelting kids vandalizing cars on the weekends.”The reader, Troublemaker, in fact, did not say the vandal or vandal who threw eggs was a “kid.” The reader didn’t report seeing the egg-thrower. Toublemaker just wondered if it might be kids. It seems like a reasonable assumption.


  3. Like I said, it wasn’t kids. It was probably one of those new retired peoples gangs. They are always causing so much trouble.


  4. Sadly it’s pretty common – it has happened to my parent’s cars, my car, and I have many friends who have had the same thing happen to them.They’re called bored suburban kids. Usually high school age with nothing better to do. Whatever happened to “harmless” TP-ing? ha.


  5. 12:22,I was thinking the same thing. High schoolers with “nothing” to do. If they’re caught, they should wash a couple dozen cars on a Saturday. We need to connect the discipline to the crime, right?


  6. if they were kids, it doesn’t matter whether they were on spring break or not, since you don’t need to be at school at 4:45am on a sunday.


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