Beyond the egg-throwers, more reports of out-of-control teens in suburbia this weekend

Four teens from Danville and Alamo, who refused to leave an underage drinking party, wound up in trouble with the police, the Danville Weekly reports.

Apparently, the police got a call from a teen resident on Campbell Place about 9 p.m. Saturday. The teenager said the home had been taken over by about 30 other teens who wouldn’t leave, and the poor kid needed police help in making the partyers leave.

When police arrived, officers spotted a “number of juveniles running arond inside the home” and several bottles of alcoholic beverages.

Okay, I’m going to say something mildy snarky, like, “shocking!” Teens at a party on a Saturday night. Alcoholic beverages. As if! Gee, never happened in my youth…

Then again, there is the poor kid whose home is being overrun by classmates probably hearing that his/her parents are gone for the weekend. And the home is being turned into a wild party scene–straight out of a bad teen movie, anything from Risky Business to Superbad–or from any of our youths

When police first arrived, Sgt. Dan Hoffman tells the Danville Weekly, the youth went so far as to lock the doors. But the juvenile resident allowed the officer in. Apparently the juveniles had attended a party at the residence the previous night and returned on Saturday with alcohol.

Police coralled the teens and cited four of them for possession of alcohol. Of the four cited, two were 17 and two were 18, and they were from Danville and Alamo.

3 thoughts on “Beyond the egg-throwers, more reports of out-of-control teens in suburbia this weekend

  1. They should be expelled from school, thrown in Juvenile hall and forced to dig ditches the rest of their lives. These scumbags.


  2. It’s too bad the PD couldn’t break down the doors. Or, the parents could be charged for the call. When the parents are held accountable, the may hold the kids accountable.I have two young children, but I also have two adult children. I have NEVER had a problem like this with the older kids. But, they know I would have kicked their fannies from here to Timbuktu for pulling this kind of stunt. Well, maybe, I would have just grounded them for a year or two!IMO, this shows a total lack of respect for the parents, not to mention their neighbors and community.


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