"Person of interest" identified in Danville teen’s "homicide; Possible motive? "Drug deal gone bad"

Update 1/23: KTVU is reporting that the motive for the shooting was a “drug deal gone bad.”

A law enforcement source told KTVU late Thursday that the motive for the fatal shooting of a Danville teenager Tuesday night was a marijuana deal gone bad.

The source told KTVU that 17-year-old Rylan Fuchs was shot in front of his home during a dispute over a quarter pound of marijuana and that the gunman is another teen, age 15 or 16.

Danville police confirmed that they have identified a “person of interest” in Tuesday night’s fatal shooting of 17-year-old Rylan Fuchs, reports NBC11.

The station reported Thursday that they have identified a teenager as a person of interest but wouldn’t release details Thursday night. Police have interviewed a large pool of witnesses that helped lead them to this possible suspect.

Fuchs, a senior at San Ramon Valley High School, was shot once in the throat during an altercation that took place in front of his El Capitan Drive home Tuesday. The shooting took place shortly after 9 p.m.

Fuchs was transported to John Muir Medical Center where he died Wednesday morning. Fuchs’ stepfather, Ron Harmon, told reporters Wednesday that he heard a gunshot around 9 p.m. and what sounded like a bump against the front door. He found his stepson outside bleeding from the neck.
While police have said that Fuchs knew his killer and that the shooting was not random, they have not released any information about a motive.

2 thoughts on “"Person of interest" identified in Danville teen’s "homicide; Possible motive? "Drug deal gone bad"

  1. Who the hell are you anonymous? Did you know Rylan? As Dave Chappelle said in half-baked, “I don’t do drugs, I just smoke weed.” If you don’t know the difference between pot and all the other drugs, you’re a moron. Pot is not a big money product. THere’s hardly any profit involved in it, especially in relatively small amounts. Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, ecstacy that’s where the profit lies. That’s also where you get the desperate, fiendish culture that produces murderers. Not with pot though. So, don’t you dare try to convolute the two. You’re trying to demonize RYlan, make it seem like he asked for it. Well, you’re idiots at best and completely warped otherwise. Or you are total nerds who never had fun in highschool and now want to belittle a dead kid’s memory just because he acted like a kid. Well, if our kid’s can’t smoke pot without jerkoffs like you saying they deserve to die, then I’m moving from here. I wish all the decent folk would high tail out of here and leave all you worthless derelicts with your kind. Leave you with your group home thugs and when they kill you, I’ll convolute some reason why it’s your fault. May the good be spared the burden of your evil. May you wallow in it. Up your motherfuckers!


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