Heads up, Gents: "Debbie" offers "Recession Specials" in WC

Sorry for the very bad pun, especially in what some might consider a “family” website. But I couldn’t resist when I came across “Debbie’s” online ad, selling “recession special” prices for her private, hands-on services.

How and why I came across this ad I will soon explain.

According to the ad, “Debbie” says she wants to help men, 40 years and older, unwind from their busy schedules with her “therapeutic and relaxing Swedish style massage.” She offers these unique services at a “comfortable in-call location” in Walnut Creek, even offering special recession rates for “extended services.”

Hmm. Anyone want to comment on whether Debbie is really offering decent discounts? I have no clue. I guess it depends on how good she is and what the going rate for such services is. Anyway, Debbie charges $250 for an hour of her time; $400 for two hours. Seems pricey to me, but what do I know?

Debbie is described as a petite “mature provider” between 38 and 49 years old, with dark-brown, shoulder-length hair. She has also received these rave reviews from posters on an online message board maintained by the Bay Area-based adult services site, Myredbook.com: “Let’s just say, I’m coming back,” “Enthusiatic and wants to satisfy,” “Customer please in all aspects.”

By the way, her ad appeared on Myredbook.com, and here is how and why I came across it today. A reader’s email, about an unrelated issue involving child exploitation, prompted me to revisit Myredbook.com. Actually, from what I’ll call a social scientific perspective, it’s an interesting site to look at. It’s opens up a view into a whole other world in our community that many of us didn’t know existed.

I first heard about Myredbook.com through “Prostitution.com.” This is an article in the June 2005 issue of Diablo magazine that looks at how the Internet is bringing the world’s oldest profession to suburban strip malls, hotels, and high-end condos in our seemingly placid, happy, sexually conservative suburban neighborhoods. One of the locations for a major prostitution operaton was the Italian villa–style Legacy Park Central complex, across the street from the Concord Police Department. The Concord police busted the “Reno-sized whorehouse” operating in the complex in early 2005. The “johns” included doctors, realtors, and other professional and family men living and working nearby in communities like Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, and Danville.

The Diablo story also revealed that the women who offer their “massage” services at locations up and down the Interstate 680 corridor include those “recently arrived from Asia (who may have been smuggled here and forced into sex work to pay off debts to crime gangs).”

At least up until last year, when my hometown of Walnut Creek worked out an ordinance to regulate massage therapy services, the Walnut Creek police kept busy dealing with these so-called massage studios–which were actually fronts for prostitution services. One that the local cops dealt with a few times–and which was noted in the Diablo piece–was located a half a block from Las Lomas High School. According to this studio’s myredbook.com reviews, employees at this studio “would strip down to their underwear and touch clients sexually.”

Today, I checked to see if there were any new Walnut Creek listings for questionably legitimate massage parlors. None immediately popped up, unlike a year ago, when I came across several, including one operating in the Safeway strip mall at Ygnacio Valley and Oak Grove roads.

So, perhaps the ordinance and increased enforcement are having an effect–at least in Walnut Creek. However, I did notice a recent grand opening of an iffy-looking massage studio in Lafayette.

As long as there is demand, there will be a supply.

As much as I sound like I’m taking a light-hearted approach to “Debbie” and our suburban prostitution industry, I’m not. I’m fully aware that the industry sometimes involves underaged girls enticed or forced into prostitution, or women from other countries duped into coming to America and forced into sex slavery. Whether we’d like to face it or not, sexual exploitation of minors and of immigrant women is alive and well in the East Bay suburbs.

As for whether “Debbie” feels exploited, I’ll leave that to her to respond.
Meanwhile, I’m not offering a link to Debbie’s online ad. Sorry, Gents, but if you’re interested in a private “recession-bargain” session with Debbie, I’ll leave it to you to hunt her down.

P.S. A Walnut Creek reader and mom e-mailed me to say:
“I was just starting to look into a ‘Life Physical Therapy’ massage therapy studio that is a stones throw from my front door. Shady establishment not far from Murwood [Elementary School], and open at all odd hours. There are so many more shady studios, over on 2nd/3rd avenue, and over off Blvd Way.”

7 thoughts on “Heads up, Gents: "Debbie" offers "Recession Specials" in WC

  1. More fun are the legal swingers gatherings if you are into such things.On the news there is a businesswoman auctioning off her virginity on ebay through bunnyranch i think..With all the legal ways, i would be afraid to touch a prostitutes. Even if shes doing it for college money.


  2. I got my first prostitute in Reno 5 years ago and haven’t gone any place else since that night. It costs a lot but at least you know you won’t get std’s.


  3. You’re all disgusting if you’re making jokes about this. Women like this hooker are hurting our community. They set up in a house my neighborhood with strange men going in and out all the time.


  4. I don’t care if prostitution is legalized. Maybe it should be, as long as the transaction takes place between consenting adults. But Soccer Mom is right in saying that some of these women are sex slaves, in the most horrible sense of the word, and it’s happening right here. And the men that goes to these places for their happy endings are just plain creepy.


  5. I like redbook. I don’t go see ladies. Never had a desire to hook up with a stranger, but redbook.com has realy interesing, entertaining and honest message boards about life n the sex industry, from all sides, and how sexual issues in general. It also has a place where women in the industry can talk about their own problems and concerns. About getting ripped off or abused or arrested.


  6. The owners of myredbook are woman-hating scum bags, basically. As for men having access to prostitutes in their suburbs, it has ALWAYS been that way. Instead of blaming the supply, look at the demand, sleeping next to you every night. BTW, Steve Holt owns myredbook.com and lives in Lodi, CA.


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