Binge watch this!

It’s a cutting-edge medical drama, with hot topic storylines, smart writing, and A-list guest stars.
No, I’m not talking about the latest prestige cable drama but Medical Center, a CBS TV series that ran for seven seasons between 1969 and 1976 and captured much of that era’s sweeping social change and new, advanced ideas on health care.

Set at a major U.S. teaching hospital modeled on UCLA, it featured a brilliant but compassionate and enlightened surgeon, Dr. Joe Gannon, who was also head of student health and therefore had plenty of opportunities to help his undergraduate patients and med school students deal with sex, drugs, war, revolution. 
Warner Archive has so far made available five seasons of Medical Center via online streaming, as well as thousands of rare, classic and other hard-to-find TV shows and classic films from the 1930s onward. 
I’ve renewed my girlish crush on Chad Everett, who starred at Dr. Joe Gannon. 

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