Pleasant Hill to Discuss Preserving Historic and Cultural Resources

So, the Save the Pleasant Hill Dome campaign didn’t succeed in saving our wonderful Pleasant Hill Cinearts Dome movie theater. But the outcry and news we generated about the tragic loss of this landmark of our suburban history got residents and city leaders in Pleasant Hill thinking that they should finally enact a longstanding municipal ordinance regarding historic and cultural resources preservation.

The Pleasant Hill Planning Commission will hold a special workshop Tuesday evening to review and discuss historic and cultural resources and associated issues within the city. The commission is hoping to discuss and get input on:

  • Policies in the city’s General Plan applicable to historic and cultural resources
  • Structures of potential historic significance.
  • Other applicable state and federal laws. 

The city has had an ordinance on the books since the mid-1990s allow the city to establish a Cultural Resources Management Commission. The specific purposes of this ordinance are to “prevent neglect of historic and architecturally significant buildings, encourage public appreciation of the city’s past, foster civic and neighborhood pride, enhance property values and increase financial and economic benefits to the city, and encourage public participation in identifying and preserving historical and architectural resources.

The workshop is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., before the start of the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30, in the City Council Chambers.

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