The Big, Boxy Store Hoping to Replace the Dome Movie Theater

Yesterday, I published a story on the new news website, News24-680, about efforts ramping up to save the beloved movie theater in Pleasant Hill.  There are two new Facebook pages and an online petition drive going on. More details are at News-240-680.

With the story, I also published images of the design for the new Dick’s Sporting Good store that is proposed to replace the 1960s-era movie theater.

SyWest Development, the owner of the CineArts complex, wants to demolish the geodesic-shaped dome and put in a 73,176-square-foot housing the chain retailer.

Above and below are renderings of the new building’s design submitted to the City of Pleasant Hill. The city’s Architectural Review Commission will review the design in a study session at its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, Feb. 7 at 5 p.m.

In addition to the new two-story sporting goods store, the proposal involved refurbishing the building that formerly housed a Bally’s Fitness Center. The meeting will take place in the large community room, 100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill.

2 thoughts on “The Big, Boxy Store Hoping to Replace the Dome Movie Theater

  1. It's beautiful on the inside – where it counts! That's not the point anyway. It offers arthouse movies we'll have to flock to the east bay for now. No more Lafayette theater either – even though it's still standing there unoccupied. It could as easily be a movie theater still.
    And its replacement – another sporting goods store (didn't Big 5 go out of business down the street in Concord?) – couldn't fit in the deserted gym building? It's just a shame the old landmarks are bulldozed away. There isn't much left of old places in CC county.


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