Vice Ultra Lounge in Walnut Creek closes

Cheeky as ever, Matt DeLima, the owner of the Vice Ultra Lounge in Walnut Creek, taped a faux press conference to announce  he was closing his notorious night spot as of Jan. 1 — after four years of hosting huge, partying crowds that sometimes turned rowdy and violent and necessitated police response.

In the “press conference,” seen here in this YouTube video that DeLima shared with, DeLima summons the performer inside to tearfully and sardonically thank the City of Walnut Creek, the Downtown Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the media for “all the support” he has received over the years in his effort to bring “multi-cultural events” to downtown.

“I love the City of Walnut Creek and all its people. I’m truly humbled by this experience.”

The Times reports that the closure comes after the lounge in October “had its ‘last call’ alcohol-service time moved from 1:15 a.m. to 11 p.m. — a result, local planning commissioners said, of fights and other rowdy behavior there, as well as numerous violations of the lounge’s conditional use and dance permits.”

“I want to do this forever,” DeLima says. “But now’s my time. I just need to move on with my life.”

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