Walnut Creek’s Chick-fil-A: It coulda been an In-N-Out

So, there are people in the Contra Costa County who are vowing to stay away or even protest at the site of a new Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant when it opens in Walnut Creek in September. They strongly disagree with the anti-same-sex marriage views of the restaurant chain’s CEO, Dan Cathy.  

It remains to be seen if any protest in Walnut Creek gains more than the sparse attendance seen at kiss-ins held at Chick-fil-A’s over the weekend. But it’s  likely that the Walnut Creek opening will remain controversial, given that Cathy’s comments during an interview a few weeks ago sparked a relentless stream of articles, blog posts (like this one), opinion pieces, online comments, tweets and Facebook updates — not to mention the Mike Huckabee-orchestrated “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” and then the same sex kiss-ins. 

I’ve stated before my pro-gay rights and same sex marriage views. And, sure Cathy has his First Amendment rights to endorse a biblical view of traditional marriage. Likewise gay rights supporters have their First Amendment rights to call those views hateful and bigoted and urge people to stay away from his chicken sandwich restaurants.

Amid all this brouhaha is the fact that Chick-fil-A might never have landed in Walnut Creek — if the owners of In-N-Out had gotten their act together and nabbed the North Main Street location where the new restaurant is under construction.

I have it on good authority that In-N-Out did scope at this location in a new development that also includes a 24 Hour Fitness. But In-N-Out executives nixed it because they were concerned their restaurant wouldn’t have enough visibility to passing motorists on Interstate 680.

Instead, we all know they staked their hopes on another North Main Street location further north and just over the border in Pleasant Hill. 

We also all know that choice wasn’t too smart. It became at least as controversial as this new Chick-fil-A might be.

Neighbors in a Walnut Creek residential neighborhood next door to the proposed In-N-Out protested pretty vehemently. While admitting to being fans of In-N-Outs food, they didn’t want this eatery so close to their homes.  Their opposition forced the company to back down on its plans, at least for now.

5 thoughts on “Walnut Creek’s Chick-fil-A: It coulda been an In-N-Out

  1. In-N-Out didn't want the location. In addition, that business would've been controversial too as they are Pro-life.


  2. I am an ardent supporter of all our Amendments which means that Chic-Fil-A has a right to exist and support traditional marriage and others have equal right not to frequent the restaurant, support companys that contribute money in support of gay marriage. Organizing protests and kiss-ins in order to economically damage a business or individual or to taunt the establishment seems wrongheaded and will likey cause backlash. If Chic-Fil-A makes a product you like or makes better product than xyz down the street, you should eat there. Additionally, such protests breed resentment for those who may be on the fence as they certainly don't want to feel bad about purchasing a sandwich and equating such purchase with a political statement is about the last thing on their mind. Most, or at least I, whether hetero or homo, don't want to see kissing in restaraunts. Its seemly especially when you know the planned kissing was not out of affection but an attempt to offend those who have a different view. We simply are becoming much too polarized, political, and intolerant when a chicken sandwich becomes a political statement. More troubling, though, as individuals are free to discriminate on viewpoint are the mayors who said such establishments would not be allowed or were not welcome when most of these same mayors either have or welcome santuary status to illegal immigrants and non-hospital based marijuana dispensaries. Shame on them. Thus, when Chic-Fil-A does come to town, I will get in line and get a sandwich in support of their right to exist and conduct business not to oppose or support gay marriage and all I really wanted was a chicken sandwich…


  3. Frankly I'm tired of all this chick fil a controversy. I don't agree with them, but more to the point, the food isn't so amazing that it will break my heart to stay away. I would rather have this:


    Why eat crap food when you can have a real chicken sandwich? There is a reason there is a line out the door every day.

    I have been to in an out once, and found it rather underwhelming as well, and I just don't get why people are so obsessed with it.


  4. I'm with Elizabeth. I live pretty close to that area, and I won't bother going to Chick-Fil-A, but I wouldn't have bothered going to In-N-Out either. Blech.

    I wish there were a better option going into that location, but these days, it seems like small local places can't drum up the traffic to stay in business. It's sad.


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