Claycord’s plea for help for local photojournalist

 UPDATE: The Mayor of Claycord reports that Mike Dunn AKA Radar has been able to get his health coverage back, thanks to the generous donations of businesses and individuals. So far, the fund has earned about $1,700, and a number of businesses donated $100 or more. Their names are listed on Claycord. The Mayor says:

“Radar” is fighting a battle [with Stage 4 liver cancer], and all this support has really overwhelmed him as well. He would like to thank each and every single one of you for all your kind words, love and support. He’s going through a lot right now, more than some of us will ever realize, but your support has made it so much easier on him, and allowed him to continue his medical treatment.

The Mayor of Claycord has issued a plea to readers, asking for their help for one of central Contra Costa County’s treasures: Mike Dunn, AKA Radar, the newshound and photojournalist who made that name for himself shooting breaking news and other stories for Claycord, the Clayton Pioneer, the Concordian and Walnut Creek Patch.

On his Facebook, Mike said “when it rains it pours.” That is definitely an understatement. As the Mayor reports on Claycord:

“Radar is currently undergoing chemo, but unfortunately, he has no source of income since he can’t work, and Kaiser has cancelled his insurance, so basically, that means he can’t get the same treatment he was getting for his Stage-4 cancer. He’s exploring other options, but Kaiser said if he pays $2,000, he can have treatment through the end of June, which would be wonderful.”

The Mayor is hoping to raise $2,000, which would get Mike “back on track and comfortable through June.” Mike is hoping to get back to work after that. And, he is looking for full-time employment. In addition to being a talented photojournalist, he is also an experienced web designer and IT and communications professional.

The Mayor has details about how you can donate online, and how you can get your business featured on Claycord, which averages more than 1 million page views a month. You can also drop off a check at the Clayton Pioneer, 6200 H Center Street, Clayton. 

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