More suspicious stranger incidents at area schools

Following a report from Walnut Creek police about a man stalking a 13-year-old female student at Walnut Creek Intermediate comes a report that students near two San Ramon elementary schools were contacted by a man in a car.

Danville Patch reports that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District learned about two similar incidents in recent days involving a man in a parked car, rolling down his window and attempting to engage a young girl in conversation. The incidents occurred near Bollinger Canyon Elementary and Hidden Hills Elementary, Danville Patch reported.  In one case, the man apparently asked the girl to get in his car with him. Both incidents were reported to police.

Patch said no other information was available so far, such as a description of the man or his car, or whether the unrelated incidents involved separate suspects.

Walnut Creek police have released a sketch of a suspect in the stalking of last week’s stalking of a WCI student, near where her home and near the school. The man in that case is described as a white male in is 60s; he was driving an older model faded red sedan.  Last Wednesday, March 14, the man pulled up along the side the girl just after she stepped off a County Connection bus on Tice Valley Boulevard.

The man called to her, asked how far she had to walk and offered a ride, Walnut Creek police said.

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