Stranger alert for Walnut Creek students

UPDATE: Walnut Creek police maintained a presence as school let out at Walnut Creek Intermediate Friday, as the suspicious looking man in Wednesday’s stranger incident may have been spotted on the trail near the downtown middle school on Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday, Walnut Creek school officials asked parents to remind their children to stay away from strangers following an incident involving an older man calling out to a middle school student as she was on her way home. 

Cannon said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon. A female student had just stepped off a County Connection bus in the Tice Valley area when a man in a faded red sedan asked her how far she had to walk. 

The girl immediately walked away to a car, driven by a family member who was picking her up near the bus stop. The man was white, around 60 years old and spoke with a slight accent. 

The girl’s family immediately reported the incident to Walnut Creek police. 

Cannon said parents should remind their children about not talking to strangers or giving out personal information. “Even though they are older now and in middle school, it is extremely important they don’t engage in activities with strangers. It is also a good idea for them to stay in groups if they need to walk home.”

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