Officers punched, multiple arrests in another downtown fight

In the fourth outbreak of fighting in and around downtown bars in little over a month, a private party reportedly taking place at the Shiro Restaurant and Lounge early Sunday morning got out of hand. Someone was robbed, sparking a fight big and rough enough to prompt Walnut Creek police to call for backup from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol.

During the melee, a Walnut Creek police officer was punched in the face, allegedly by a 27-year-old Richmond man who tried to resist arrest. Other officers were pushed and shoved by other combatants trying to stop them from taking people into custody.

Six people from San Francisco, Pittsburg, Concord, Oakland, in addition to Richmond, were arrested in connection with the brawl that spawned other fights in front of the lounge at 1523 Giammona Drive. Those arrested are between the ages of 19 and 27.

Since Thanksgiving weekend, police also have broken up fights outside Vice Ultra Lounge and 1515 Restaurant and Lounge on November 26; again outside Vice Ultra Lounge, on New Year’s Eve, according to Walnut Creek Patch; and on Locust Street early on New Year’s Day, Patch said. Shiro Restaurant and Lounge also was the scene of a notorious series of brawls outside downtown bars in October 2010, with the fight outside Shiro being captured on a video that went viral.

Here is what Walnut Creek police said about the fight early Sunday morning:

At approximately 1:10 a.m., officers patrolling the downtown area came upon a large fight in front of Shiro Lounge at 1523 Giammona Drive. As they arrived, officers saw approximately fifteen people fighting in the street with a large crowd watching. Officers observed one subject assaulting another person who was on the ground. When they attempted to break up the fight the suspect, later identified as Davon Kelly, punched an officer in the face. Officers attempted to take Kelly into custody and had to use a Taser to subdue him. Several other bystanders pushed officers away from Kelly in an attempt to prevent him from being arrested. Two of those subjects, Donte Lewis and Davonte Lewis, were arrested for obstructing an officer. Other small fights started breaking out and many in the crowd refused repeated orders from officers to disperse and leave the area. Another subject, Desirae Chapple, was arrested for resisting/obstructing officers and assault on a police officer after she refused repeated commands to leave the area and attempted to punch an officer.

The remaining suspects were arrested for fighting in public or resisting/obstructing officers.

The original fight was reported to have started after a man was robbed of a gold chain inside of Shiro Lounge. The victim of the strongarm robbery was uncooperative with police and refused to provide information about the suspects.

Those arrested were:

Gia Thompson, 23 year old resident of San Francisco
Donte Lewis, 25 year old resident of Pittsburg
Davonte Lewis, 19 year old resident of Pittsburg
Desirae Chapple, 21 year old resident of Concord
Devon Edwards, 21 year old resident of Oakland
Davon Kelly, 27 year old resident of Richmond

Police also reported: 

Kelly was transported to county hospital for a medical evaluation which is standard procedure when a Taser is used. Chapple was also taken to the hospital for pepper spray exposure. After both subjects were medically cleared they were booked into Martinez County Jail. Thompson, Lewis, Lewis and Edwards were taken directly to Martinez County Jail.

9 thoughts on “Officers punched, multiple arrests in another downtown fight

  1. Night life in W.C. continues its downward spiral, if this continues just who will risk visiting a restaurant or cinema on the off chance of being caught up in some of the rising trouble?


  2. I lived for years in Oakland and never saw a fight in a bar. The bars that did have fights were shut down by the city. Sweet Jimmy's comes to mind.
    So why is WC having such a hard time with this? Where do people from WC go to night clubs? Oakland by chance or SF?
    By the residency of these people WC is the new destination, but why?
    Martha you grew up in the WC and I grew up in the burbs south of Oakland. Both were middle class back then. Now one of the Bar owners in WC did a video about SLZ and his WC traffic tickets. SLZ looks pretty ghetto now.
    NYT reports Oakland is a top trip destination. Is a pole reversal going on? Are the burbs a new ghetto? What do you think?


  3. If all these “establishments” had a closing time of midnight then these thugs would have to find another playground.

    How bad does it have to get before the city council does the right thing and close down these bars that attract out of town scum?


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