Hanging on to Christmas

Maybe there are a number of people around town who celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, Twelfth Night and the Epiphany. These are concepts of which I was largely ignorant until looking them up a few hours ago.

Driving home from work last night and tonight I saw every fifth or sixth house on streets in and around my neighborhood still displaying Christmas light and reindeer and Santa figures. Downtown, Tiffany & Co still had its Christmas decorations up on Tuesday morning (they’ve since been taken down).

Meanwhile, the rest of us who celebrate Christmas had removed the lights and decorations from their trees over the past week and set the trees out on the curb for recycling.  Since the holidays were so blue-sy for me this year, a part of me is relieved they are over. But another part of me feels that pang of nostalgia over the sight of our tree deposited near our driveway and a quiet pleasure in seeing that some people, in these dark winter nights, are hanging onto Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Hanging on to Christmas

  1. I play a game with myself of “how late in the year can I see a Christmas tree?” There are several on my street hoping to be picked up but they do end up in the weirdest places and can be around into late spring. Let's see how this year goes.


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