Bar fights in downtown lead to injuries, arrests

Two men were arrested  in connection with separate fights early Saturday morning, the first at 1515 Restaurant and Lounge and the second at Vice Ultra Lounge that police say involved up to 30 people. 
The reported bar fights echo a night of violence that erupted at downtown bars, including at 1515 and Vice Ultra Lounge, in early October 2010.  On a late Friday night and early Saturday morning, five fights broke out in and around those two bars and Shiro Restaurant Lounge. And, as many as 50 combatants overall were involved in the fights that led to several arrests and caused multiple injuries. 

Early Saturday morning, at about 12:43 a.m., Walnut Creek officers on foot patrol found a man bleeding from the head and face in front of 1515 Lounge at 1515 North Main Street. The man said he had been hit in the face with a glass during a fight inside the bar. Officers found the suspected assailant nearby and arrested him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Police identified him
as Arryan Moradkhani, 26, of Danville.

Paramedics treated the victim for cuts on his face. Moradkhani was booked into County Jail in Martinez on $30,000 bail.

Less than an hour later, at 1:39 a.m., police received multiple calls reporting a fight involving up to 30 people in front of Vice Ultra Lounge on Arroyo Way. Some callers even reported that one person was stabbed. Officers arrived to find a chaotic scene in the area along Arroyo Way from Broadway to Civic Drive. A number of patrons were also spilling out of the bar because it was closing time.

Officers found a 21-year-old Bay Point man with multiple cuts on his arms, and witnesses told police they saw the man assaulting a woman during the melee. The woman said she wanted to place the Bay Point man, identified as Steven Enriquez-Wyatt, under citizen’s arrest. Police learned that Enriquez-Wyatt’s arm had gone through a window during the fight. After being treated at the county hospital, Enriquez-Wyatt was booked into county jail on suspicion of battery and public fighting with bail set at $3,000.

Someone else later turned up at a local emergency room with multiple lacerations, and police attempted to interview several others at the scene of the fight, but they refused to cooperate.

Anyone with information about either fight is asked to contact Walnut Creek police at 925-943-5844.

5 thoughts on “Bar fights in downtown lead to injuries, arrests

  1. Little Stevie boy's parents should told him to be home by 11am. What a looser.

    How about a local fine for all Walnut Creek bar partrons that start a fight. How about a 3K fine for anyone involved in a fight in downtown.


  2. How about closing all downtown bars at 12:00 and let the thugs go drink in some other town. WC does not have the resources to handle these weekend warriors that turn our downtown into a slum. The Dudums should take their campaign contributions to another area where there are enough police to handle their customers.


  3. 1:16 pm… takes a lot of time and energy to arrest and book, time that could be spent in neighborhoods as a deterrent.

    Closing bars at 12:00 would go a long ways towards making the downtown a safer place on weekends.


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